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The Violet Flame

 Energy of transformation 

A means to create change


This has been my passion for many years, and I have been teaching all about it since 2007. The first Workshops I ran from ‘Amethyst’ lasted just over 4 hours. Today it is over 4 days and continuing to expand as I include the Sound of the Violet Flame, and write about the Violet Flame through the Higher Rays.


This will all be written as an online course, but in the meantime, I want to give some basic information as to what it is and how it works. 


I have made a You Tube video, explaining what it is, and there is much greater cover of this vast subject on my separate website dedicated to it: including the workshops and courses, with reviews of my book and meditation CDs.

So this is a brief description offered here…….


The Violet Flame is a Multi-Universal energy,

not limited by Time or Space. 

It has no source as it has no beginning or end.


In the ancient times of Atlantis it was known as the Violet Flame of Freedom, as that was seen as its main, all-encompassing attribute; freedom from lower vibrational energy such as negative thoughts, doubts, fears, karmic debts and all the base emotions such as lust, greed, envy, etc.

(often referred to as the seven deadly sins.) These were believed to be the main causes of dis-ease and illness.


The Violet Flame was often portrayed as a triple flame, incorporating Freedom, Mercy and Justice. That is:


Freedom from all ills and negativity


Mercy of compassionate understanding


Justice of balance and equality.

The Violet Flame has since evolved and expanded.  It now has seven attributes of:


Freedom, Mercy, Justice, Forgiveness, Transmutation, Sacred Ceremony and Magic.


The Violet Flame is energy that is freely available, there are no attunements or initiations, it simply IS. It is an intense frequency of Light - Light contains all the colours of the spectrum that we can see, including Violet. We are all formed of Light, so we all contain that Violet Ray. Focus on it, brighten it, expand your awareness of it, and it can spark into a flame at your heart, and align with the Universal Violet Flame.


The more you learn of it and the more you use it, connecting to the many Guardians and Directors of it, the more you can achieve with it. You can transform your own life and help those around you to make any changes to theirs. Ultimately together, we can create the world as we would wish it to be.


It is an energy that is flickering, burning and growing here on Earth again, and it is needed now more than ever before, as we approach the opportunity to transcend to a more spiritual way of being – let us do so through the Violet Ray. It is an easy passage with all doubts, fears or negative energy transmuted to the higher vibrations until we reach the pure Diamond Light.

You do not need to be able to visualise or meditate to work with The Violet Flame, and you do not have to recite any decrees; you can incorporate it into your life with ease, use it in any way your imagination takes you, through art, music, dance, poetry, whatever feels right for you. By surrounding yourself daily with Violet Light, by keeping that flame alight within your heart, you will find that life is brighter, your energy attracts those who also resonate with that frequency of light, and you will inspire others to find that Flame of Transformation within themselves.


All you need is:

A desire to change 

The will to make it happen

And the Violet Flame will do the rest!


Learn of its many different applications: to transform and enhance your life, to heal in many ways, to settle any outstanding karma, to unite with your Higher Self and your Guides, to restore balance in all areas, and to raise the collective vibration of Earth.


Working with this energy over so many years, I eventually wrote a practical guide to working with this.

'Transform Your Life with the Violet Flame'

This is a book for anyone, whether they are familiar with the Violet Flame or not. It is a book to inspire you to become the person you truly are, living the life you chose to experience, in the world you would wish it to be.       

Change must begin with the individual and the potential to create a

new world lies within each one of us.


Whether it is a matter of your health and wellbeing, relationships, work, forgiveness, helping other people, or simply dealing with bureaucracy, the energy of the Violet Flame can help you. 


This book is a practical guide full of clear step-by-step instructions, personal experiences, case studies and examples to help you change different aspects of your life, including ways to settle and balance Karma, and to heal yourself and others.


It tells you all you need to know to begin working with The Violet Flame, to transmute negative energy and create positive change, always of course, that it is for the Highest Good!


It is now also available as an ebook, and is listed on Amazon. I hope to have it accessible from here too.


I have since added two Meditation CDs. They are guided visualisations set to the beautiful and evocative music of Neil H.


‘Freedom and Forgiveness’ 


1.  Grounding and igniting the spark of Violet Flame

2.  St.Germain and Lady Portia at the Rakoczy Mansion

3.  The Retreat of Kuan Yin

4.  Archangels Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst at the Temple of   Purification


‘Magic and Manifestation’ 


1. Grounding and igniting the spark of Violet Flame

2. Merlin at the Castle of Camelot

3. Omri Tas in the Violet Flame Temple on the Violet Planet

4. The Elohim Arcturus and Victoria at their Retreat in the Amethyst Cave

If you wish to delve more deeply into this, and learn of all the

Archangels, Ascended Masters,

and other cosmic Beings, including The Elohim,

then please do go to:

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