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The Two Marys

                            ~ Mother and Magdalene


Please revisit this page when I have completed it. 

I teach this as a one-day workshop, to connect with these two great women from our history. They are still as significant today as they have always been. 


An alternative account of their lives has been pieced together from ancient hidden gospels.



The two Marys shared their wisdom, compassion and understanding with each other throughout their lives.


Connect with Mother Mary, who incarnated from the Angelic Realm as a herbalist and healer. She is the Archeia, or Twin Flame of Archangel Raphael.

Mary Magdalene came from the Ascended Masters stream of consciousness, as a teacher, and Twin Flame of Jesus, who was an incarnation of Ascended Master Sananda.


Discover their unique relationship, and their lessons for us. The love of these two women, for each other and for humanity, continues throughout time. 

There is a meditation CD available to connect with these two Marys. 

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