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Tarot Reading

Learning to read Tarot cards was one of my first steps back onto my spiritual path, over 30 years ago. For many years I would give readings to friends and if they said it was accurate, I would think "Phew, that was lucky!"


It took very many years and much encouragement, (and nagging) from friends, before I decided to make myself a business card and 'Go for it', charging for readings. About this time I found the card deck that felt absolutely right for me, and I still use them. They are the Thoth Tarot deck. Thoth is one of the Ancient Egyptian Gods, a scribe and particularly concerned with recording the truth. 


The rest, as they say, is history.


I still enjoy giving readings, either in person, from a photograph which has proved very popular, or over the phone or internet. After a general spread of cards to gain an overview of present circumstances, I focus on different aspects of life in turn. In no particular order, I cover:

Relationships - not just romantic ones, this can be any relationships you wish to ask about. 

Work/Career - this can include any hobbies, retirement, or how you spend your time.

Family - there is often concern for family members.

Health/Wellbeing/Lifestyle - this is usually quite general, but can be very supportive with such concerns.

Tarot Reading Course

I now teach people to read Tarot Cards, enjoying starting others off on a journey that has meant so much to me.


I keep several decks which are fairly basic, with images that are easy to understand, giving students the chance to try a few before they decide on what to buy for themselves to use. 

If you have a favourite set of Tarot cards already, I will adapt the notes to your own deck.  

I choose to start very simply, with just the Major Arcana. These represent major incidents, or things that really matter, and offer the most guidance. There are only 22 of these cards. They run like a story, from the Fool, at the beginning of life, through to the completion of the World or Universe. Many times throughout our lives, new things start and some things end, many of them overlapping, as we live complex lives.


I give a visualisation for each major card to help you to understand each concept, and encourage you to relate them to your own life, so that they stay in your memory. Initially, I give just three words to learn for each card, and then you gradually build on that with all the more subtle and associated meanings. This includes regular practice on other students or willing volunteers - there's no shortage of those!


Once you are confident with the Major Arcana and able to give a comprehensive reading with them, we move onto the Minor Arcana.


These are just like the suits of ordinary playing cards, but each suit relates to different aspects of our lives. For example, and very briefly:


Swords represent thoughts, plans, ideas, and spoken words.


Cups represent emotions, feelings, and responses.


Wands, or Staves represent action, events, movement and change.


Coins, or Pentacles, represent work, earnings, money and worldly goods.  


Lastly we cover the picture cards - the 'people' of the deck. Unlike playing cards, there are four of each suit: 

Prince, Princess, King, and Queen.


However, because Tarot cards vary slightly according to the artist and compiler, they are sometimes named as Knight instead of Prince.

There is a lot of practice needed to become a proficient Tarot Reader, so I offer as much ongoing support as each individual needs. 

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