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Spirit Connections

For many years I have been running a Connections Group at my home in Bournemouth, to help people become more familiar with with many of our Guides, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Elohim, Directors of the Elementals, and Beings of other Realms, worlds and dimensions. 


Here I will post four of them per month. So if you wish, you may make your own connections with them, from the notes given, which are as a brief introduction to each.


They will be randomly picked, so they may have the same message for you or they may be in total contrast. I will update this page on the 1st of every month, so here are the four for August:


It interested me to see who would be drawn from the pot this month, as we are easing the restrictions after the impact of the Covid19 virus pandemic.


Horus is the Ancient Egyptian Hawk-headed God. 'The Eye of Horus' is used as a symbol of protection, warding off 'evil'. At the moment we have a lot misinformation and corruption being highlighted. Perhaps we need to 'see' things more clearly!!


Archangel Chamuel is a focus on the vibration of Love, and the Right to Love. Amidst such chaos and difficult times, we are reminded that Love needs to be our focus right now.


Joan of Arc reminds us to be strong and stand our ground. We are integrating the divine masculine and feminine energies at last. 


Archaeia Hope is the Twin Flame, the female aspect of Archangel Gabriel. She comes to help us hold our focus on the best possible outcome, not to buy into any fear or oppression. 




































Horus appears as a hawk or falcon, or a man with the head of a hawk or falcon, wearing the combined crown of all Egypt. He is often shown treading on crocodiles, grasping snakes and scorpions, or other such dangerous creatures, showing his lack of fear. His name means:

'He who is above' and he is referred to as ‘Lord of the Skies’. 

Image available on

Horus is most well known as the protector of the ruler of Egypt, and the Pharaohs were considered to be the embodiment of Horus.

He was the son of Isis and Osiris. After Osiris was murdered by his brother Seth, Horus avenged his death in a terrible battle. His left eye was torn out but was later restored by his mother Isis and healed by Hathor.

The Eye of Horus became the symbol of protection to the ancient Egyptians. It is still used and worn for protection, as the ‘All-seeing eye’.

The left eye represents the evening, the stars, the moon, and healing.

The right eye (seen here) represents the morning, the last stars to be seen, sunrise, the new day, clear vision, and gives the power of protection.


Image from

There are many weird and extraordinary accounts of the fight between Seth and Horus, which some believe continued for many years and was finally settled by the court of the other Gods. The throne of Egypt was granted to Horus, setting the precedent for royal inheritance. He is still worshipped at the Temple dedicated to him at Edfu.

Horus offers an alternative perspective, an ‘overview’, and protection. He is credited with vision, psychic awareness and the ability to travel between worlds. He also presides over magic, rituals and majesty, communication, and balance.

He will accompany anyone through a Cosmic Gateway, into other Realms and Universes. We can connect with him at a magnificent stone gateway, carved with hieroglyphs and scenes of his battle with Seth. Beyond it is a vast inner courtyard, and Horus stands waiting. We can tell him of our plans, our desires and wishes. He will show the most likely outcomes of such decisions, and may offer alternative perspectives. You may fly with him to watch your future unfolding, or to see other lifetimes, other lessons, and the broader journey of your soul. 

Archangel Chamuel


With so much negativity being highlighted in world at this time, it is good to have the reminder that Archangel Chamuel comes to remind us that we are all One, and we are all Love.

Painting by Hilary Stanley

Archangel Chamuel relates to the old gods of both love and war.  He will defend our right to love. He knows that we all have that duality within us, and asks that we accept both aspects together as one. He helps us to look at, and accept those parts of ourselves that we choose to ignore, our ‘darker’ sides, vengeful thoughts that we try to deny, the negative sides of our personality, the unforgiving and unkind words or actions that we have all at some time or another, given in to. 

Chamuel loves us for all our attributes, whether we think them ‘good’ or ‘bad’.


“Are you surprised that I carry a sword too? Did you think that because I am considered to be the Archangel of Love, that I would be soft and gentle? Well, let me assure you that I can be, but I am a warrior and a fighter too. My sword is only used with love, to release and free a soul trapped in fear or hatred. I also fight for the right to have and experience the true blissful state of euphoria that is unconditional love. 

I am not talking about 'being in love,'” (he smiled) “that is a human expression for an emotion that is all too often temporary, but to experience the permanent, unconditional love that we have for you, is worth fighting for. Make no mistake; I will defend that right, with all the strength that is in my heart. So we ask you now to find your heart centre, not necessarily at your heart chakra, and then bring it out of your physical body for all to see and share. Let it radiate like a light around you, so that others can bathe in it, and be inspired to find their own love and heart centre.”

My own experience with Chamuel and Charity began in Chaos, like the Tower of Babel, there was so much shouting in languages I couldn’t understand; I didn’t know the meaning or intent of anyone or anything around me. I could see where Fear was taking a hold, and tried hard not to let that fear become part of me. They told me to feel the constant vibration of Love at my heart centre, and to breathe with that frequency, until I felt the peace within, and all around me.


Their etheric retreat is The Temple of the Crystal-Pink Flame, over St. Louis, Missouri. The way to it is an Arc of Divine Love which forms a bridge of golden light, leading to golden gates set with diamonds and rubies which are always open to those with a pure heart.

The Crystal-Pink Flame burns off any scars of violence done in the name of Love, abuse whether mental, physical or emotional can be completely healed here. The Flame burns in a golden dish in the centre of the Temple and will shrink or expand according to what is needed, so we may take many others there for healing.

Joan of Arc


Image from

She was born to a peasant family in north-east France in the 15th Century. As a child, she spoke of visions of Archangel Michael, Saint Margaret, and Saint Catherine.

She said Michael instructed her to save France from English domination, and to support Charles VII during the latter part of the Hundred Years' War.


She correctly predicted the outcome of a battle, to convince Charles that she was guided by God, and was the only hope for France. As they were suffering defeat after defeat, they agreed to give her a chance as a last hope that God would ultimately be on their side. They dressed her as a man in armour for her safety, and sent her to lift the siege at Orleans. The army was finally successful with her as a figurehead, and she gained the nickname ‘The Maid of Orleans’. This long-awaited event boosted French morale and paved the way for the final French victory. She escorted Charles VII to his coronation at Reims Cathedral.


Subsequently she was investigated and arrested for heresy, declared guilty and was burned at the stake. She was nineteen years of age. 25 years later Joan of Arc was exonerated and declared a martyr, and in 1909 was canonized as a Roman Catholic saint. 


She represents the ‘Voice of Truth’, urging us to stand up for our beliefs and speak out without fear. It is believed that Joan of Arc was ‘overshadowed’ by the Ascended Master Pallas Athena. Joan is thought to have been her voice at that time in France.  


Of the Spiritual Guides who spoke to Joan, we are familiar with Archangel Michael, but it is unclear whether Joan heard the voice of St. Margaret of Scotland, or St. Margaret of Hungary, who was a devout nun and remained a virgin, as did Pallas Athena. Saint Catherine was from Alexandria, and was also martyred (on the Catherine Wheel) for her Christian beliefs at the age of 18, and still a virgin. So there is a link between all these Ascended Female souls who guided Joan to fight for France and her beliefs. 


We can ask Joan of Arc to help us through times when we need strength, or feel we need to be heard. Beliefs are very personal, and we should never feel we have to fit in with everyone else, or with current trends. She encourages us to be true to who we are, and if we come under attack from others, or they try to undermine us, she will stand beside us, in her armour, with banner flying!


We can meet with Joan of Arc on a multi-arched bridge over the River Loire. It is a main road to Orleans, which is south west of Paris. From the bridge you may see the old walled city, with castle and cathedral rising above the skyline. Imagine the ancient town reflected in the water, the siege that took place here, and the courage of such a young, illiterate peasant girl. When have you underestimated yourself, or found you had more courage and strength than you thought? Joan will be standing beside you to feel that again now. 


Archeia, Lady Hope

Gabriel and his Archeia Hope are Archangels of the Fourth Ray, which is the White Ray of Purity. This Ray is closely associated with our Ascension. The symbols of the golden trumpet awakening us to our divine spark, and the white Calla Lily are both associated with these Archangels.

Image from The Starseed Highway

Gabriel is often thought of as the messenger of change, showing us a passage or tunnel to get through, Hope holds the light at the end of it! She encourages us to be positive and optimistic even when we seem to struggle and falter, giving us the optimism to carry on. People who always seem to pick themselves up again after the most terrible trauma, have the Lady Hope at their side.


She explained that change rarely happens overnight, it is a process. There is always a passage from one stage of life to the next, or one world to the next. Ancient cultures celebrated this with Rites of Passage, and they remained times of joy, whereas now, here, we expect the change to be immediate or one of difficulty and struggle. The gap in between is where time is lost and things can seem very dark indeed. 


She said “This is where I will be, to bring the light of hope to see you safely across this space.  When your life changes course, or phases of your life come to an end, there is always a gap before the new phase starts.  From baby to child a relatively small gap, from child to adult a wider gap. These are the times when I bring you my optimism and joy to help you through. Celebrate such times with me, and I will guide you through them. Death itself is a slow transition, either before or after the physical body has ceased to breathe.”


We are reaching a stage in our evolution as souls on Earth, when our time of being guided is coming to an end; the ‘gap’ between us and our guides is closing. We are being given the unique opportunity to take full responsibility for ourselves, each other, and our world. Gabriel brings the message that we are in the process of great changes, Hope will see us through.


Their Temple of Purity is in the etheric layer above Sacramento and Mount Shasta, California. This beautiful white temple shines with a really soft pearlescent glow in the early morning sun. At other times the glare may seem harsh and the trumpets sound loud and insistent, then we know we are truly being called to awaken! At the centre of the Temple is the Flame of Purity burning in a huge, carved Crystal bowl. It is the manifestation of the Divine spark within each one of us and we can imagine it as a flash of light from a diamond! 


There is a strong link with the Ascension Temple of Serapis Bey over Luxor, Egypt.

Enjoy connecting with these great Masters, Elohim and Archangels!

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