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REIKI IS…………………………


A totally natural method of healing using universal life-force for self, others, animals, plants, and any living thing.


A simple yet powerful way to bring physical, mental and emotional balance.


A non-intrusive therapy. It is hands-on healing with the hands kept still in each position down the length of the body, working along the meridian lines. 


It releases energy blocks and suppressed feelings.


It treats symptoms and non-physical causes of illness, relaxes and reduces stress.


It promotes natural self-healing, strengthens the immune system, eases pain, and clears toxins.


A way of enhancing self-awareness, helps meditation, and assists personal transformation.

You will receive a full manual and certificate upon completion at every level. 


The Practitioner’s Certificate will enable you to get insurance to start as a Reiki Healer. 

The Master/Teacher’s certificate will enable you to teach Reiki.











This is mainly for self-healing but you may practice on family and friends.


Over two days you will receive:


4 Attunements to gently adjust your energy frequency to open your crown and palm chakras to enable the Reiki energy to flow.

You will learn the history, and principles of Reiki.

The location and function of the Chakras – the main energy centres within the body.
Understand the non-physical causes of dis-ease.
You will be able to give yourself a Reiki treatment.
Give a full treatment to someone sitting on a chair.
Give a full treatment using a therapy couch.

How to treat animals, and how to incorporate crystals in a basic way to enhance the healing.


This is Practitioner Level. You can treat members of the public, and take payment.

2 Attunements quicken your vibration and adjust your energy further to become a clear channel for the Reiki energy to flow through you. 

You will learn the symbols, which enhance the energy flow to:

Send healing to the planet or to a specific location

Send healing through time, to the past, present or future 

Send absent healing to a person or situation.

Learn how to: 

Use the symbols when giving Reiki treatments, to clear stubborn energy blocks.

How to give quick treatments to specific areas.

Scan the body for energy discrepancies.

Cope with a client’s emotional release.

Create a Healing Mandala of the symbols.

How Reiki works with other therapies.

The responsibilities of a therapist.

Create a questionnaire and disclaimer for clients, and advice on insurance requirements.



This is one further day, and a big step on your personal journey. It is to achieve self-mastery, and to learn to live as an example.

This enhances your personal journey, giving a wider perspective on life generally, and enabling a greater understanding of your purpose. You can expect to work much closer with your Healing Guides and learn of your Higher Self, and ‘I AM Presence’.

2 further Attunements are given and you will learn 2 more symbols, to complete the transformation of yourself, your healing abilities, and to accept the responsibility of a Master. 



This is taught over a minimum of 2 days, but there is no limit as this is ongoing and help and support continues. It enables you to pass the Attunements on to others, teaching all levels of Reiki. Following this you will be entrusted to write your own manuals and teach from the experience of your own Master Teacher and drawing on your own experiences as a healer. 

You will receive one further symbol to use in your teaching.

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