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Past Lives

This covers many aspects of Reincarnation, so please scroll down for information on:


Soul and Spirit

New Souls

Old Souls

Linear Time

Soul Groups

Soul Mates/Twin Flames


Past Lives Readings

We all have very many past lives. We cannot learn all we need to in just one lifetime, so we come back again and again, until we have full understanding of many different issues, or aspects of life, here on Earth.


I feel sure that we come into creation from a state of pure love, and we exist in spirit energy form, as a soul. The vibration of this soul energy is so fast that it cannot be seen. 


By incarnating into a physical reality, whether it is a human body here, or another life form elsewhere, our soul learns to adapt to the much slower vibrations of the dense physical body. Throughout all our lifetimes and incarnations, we are learning. 


As we expand our wisdom, compassion, and understanding, our energy vibrations quicken. As we vibrate faster and faster, it becomes easier to adapt and connect with other realms and dimensions. We tend to use the phrase ‘Spiritual awakening’ for this process.  



Soul and Spirit:


The Soul is our essence, and the Spirit is the energy that carries the soul through its entire existence, its lifetimes, and its journey back to Source.  


When the body dies, and we leave this physical life, we become fully aware of all other lifetimes and the lessons we have learned. These fully integrate into our Spirit, and the Soul expands. 


The Spirit vibrates at a speed that is faster than our physical energy, and can be clearly seen by those with the gift of clairvoyance, which just means: clear sight. Our soul is the light that shines from our Higher Heart Chakra. It is recognised through our eyes. This is a feeling, a sense of knowing, rather than vision. It is why we respond to certain people that we have known before, in another lifetime.  



New Souls:


Some people feel they are new souls and have not had many lives before. I have found that these have sometimes had lifetimes elsewhere in the Universes, and they can be quite ‘new’ to Earth. 


Alternatively, their soul’s path was ‘interrupted’ and ‘reset’ so they feel no connection with their previous lives. This is very rare. 

It is my belief that if a soul incarnates into an extremely destructive life, one that distorts the energy of the soul itself, it then passes to another dimensional reality, referred to as The Golden Planet. There the energy is cleared, cleansed and purified, and reset, or re-educated. 


If lives are being repeated over and over again, a bit like ‘Groundhog Day’ without the lessons being learned, those souls too, have the option to ‘reset’ their life plans. This would also cause a feeling of being a ‘new soul’.


Old Souls:


So for all the normal, old souls out there……..


We know we have experienced so much of life, from so many different perspectives. In this lifetime we are aware of the integration of many of our lives, whether from revisiting them ourselves, from regression, or from being made aware by others. 


Each time we choose to reincarnate, we decide which issues from our past lives we wish to bring with us, to help us, or to overcome or settle them.


Energy that we bring through from our past lives are, for example: 


Character traits and habits are often repeated through many lifetimes. It is true that ‘the eyes are the windows to the soul’, and that is how most of us recognise a soul from one lifetime to another, but we also may recognise subtle gestures, traits and habits. These often stay with us. I have been told when relaying someone’s previous life, that they ‘still do that now’, or a similar interpretation of it. Occasionally habits of, for example: ‘playing with one’s hair’, or sensing a scar where there is none, even road rage I have found a similar trait back in a previous life!


Birth marks are often evident at sites of old wounds and injuries, particularly if it was the cause of death. This seems to be a reminder of an issue that needs settling, sometimes a karmic link, shock at the time of death, or a disability or disfigurement from another lifetime. 


Talents and gifts are the things that we have learned how to do before, so that this time it just comes naturally. This is always really helpful, when you just take to something so easily, without any struggle to relearn it. Everyone is good at something. Some of these may be a family trait, such as an artistic ability, or aptitude for science or maths, but sometimes they cannot be explained.


Experiences we have already learned from, so that we can use the knowledge of it to help us through similar times now. These are coping strategies. For example, a person who has had a life in poverty, will have the ability to survive hard times in this one. We automatically call on those past experiences to help us cope, as and when we need them.


Karmic debts to repay, if someone has helped you greatly in one life you may offer to help them this time. As we approach the end of our life cycles, we recognise the need to clear all our karmic debts. We also have a Karmic debt to our soul, or Higher Self. That is our agreement to live life to the fullest, to achieve all that we set out to do, and to experience all the lessons we choose to learn from. 


Fears and phobias. Sometimes we are really scared of something and don't know why. If there is no cause that we can identify from our childhood, then it is reasonable to assume that a previous lifetime’s experiences have created the fear or phobia. For example claustrophobia, the fear of being in small spaces can be traced back to all sorts of causes, from being trapped, hiding, even seeing a loved one in a coffin, can trigger such a response. 



Linear time: 


We do not live our lives in chronological order. We do not start our lives as Neanderthals, living in caves, progressing through time to the present. We skip through Time to the most appropriate point which offers the greatest opportunity to fulfil our purpose each lifetime.


Imagine Time as a circle instead of a straight line, and you are standing in the centre. If you choose to experience life as an orphan in wartime for example, with all the horrors and hardships that entails, learning to survive and be self-reliant, there would be no point in incarnating into a wealthy, loving family in a peaceful country. Imagine turning around the circle of Time, looking for a point in history when there was a war, searching for the country, and family that would give you the opportunity to experience the life you have chosen.  


Now imagine that circle as a never-ending spiral. You would have the opportunity to choose from many different wars, for many different reasons, through many different times in history and different locations. Our lives can overlap, yet we do not ‘bump into ourselves’ as that would cause endless problems, and we choose not to.


With this in mind, I am often asked if we have already lived in a future Time. I have to say ‘Yes’. It is perhaps a hard issue to grasp, and there is a reason why we have memory and flashbacks to lives in the past, but rarely of future ones. This also brings in the subject of the fabric of Time, which has no relevance beyond this physical world. Would it be possible that we exist in all time-frames and all dimensions at the same ‘Time’? Again, I believe the answer to that is ‘Yes’. 


That means that we are all existing in several, or maybe all, our Lives at once. If you can get your head around that concept, it would surely explain such things as ‘déjà vu’ and why we can visit a place never been to before, yet know there is a certain shop around the corner, or even that we have  such a close ‘lookalike’ somewhere else in the world. 


Soul Groups:


We all tend to come back to another life here in what we call a Soul Group - a family of souls not necessarily the physical family we are born into. These souls meet up again in life to help each other or just to be together. Throughout life, we meet people we recognise as having known in another lifetime - usually we see it in their eyes, sometimes it is those odd habits or quirks of our character that others recognise in us.


If you meet someone you feel you know and instantly feel comfortable and familiar with, it is likely you have known them and liked them in another lifetime - that recognition is still there! Likewise, if you meet someone 'for the first time' and instantly dislike them for no apparent reason - it could well be that they have hurt you or caused some upset in a previous lifetime.


Imagine being in a group of souls, sitting around a table in between lives, discussing who wants to experience what in their next incarnation. For some of them there will be a similar desire for a particular lesson. They may choose to be in each other’s lives at that particular time for support. 


I also believe that those of our soul group will provide us with the hardest lessons. These are the things that we learn the most from. I know that I wanted to experience the pain of heartbreak. One of my soul group offered to provide me with that lesson so that he could experience the guilt.


Understanding that those who may hurt us in this life, are often from our own soul group makes forgiveness so much easier. 



Soul Mates and Twin Flames:


Among your Soul Group will be Soul Mates; those people with whom you have had more intimate relationships in another life and that bond does not break. The attraction still draws you to one another like an invisible magnet. 


It seems there is a constant search for our ‘other half’ I believe that to be our Twin Flame. We have only one. Imagine a spark of Light, like a solar flare separating from Source. That spark splits into two small flames, and those two exist side by side for a while. They represent the duality of life as we experience it. Each Flame has its own agenda, and its own path to follow. Throughout the many lifetimes, incarnations on this world or others, those two Flames are connected energetically as they originated as One. 


In some lifetimes they will choose to be present at the same time and location. Meeting and knowing your Twin Flame is fairly rare, sharing an entire life as One, is rarer still. The object of separation is to have twice the experiences, or to live Life from two different perspectives. It is possible for Twin Flames to share contact in one lifetime without being together as partners, but they may constantly feel or sense the other’s presence in the world.


Twin Flames are always reunited in Spirit. They share the wisdom and love they each acquired, so that together they grow and expand. 


In the meantime, the search for our ‘other half’ brings us several Soul Mates, those we recognise, feel comfortable with, and can very possibly share a wonderful life with. Not all Soul Mates make ideal partners, and it may be that you just wish to be in each other’s lives as siblings, friends, or colleagues. These are still very special relationships to have and you can probably recognise several you have met in this lifetime.  





I have often been asked if we incarnate as animals. I can only share a guided meditation I did with a development circle: 

I told everyone to imagine one of the Russian Matryoshka dolls, those that take apart layer by layer. The outer doll was to look as they did on that day, and as they took it apart, each layer would represent themselves in a previous lifetime. They were to remember as many as they could. Every single one of us had one animal included. Mine was a polar bear. 


I asked to reconnect with the bear to learn if we do reincarnate as animals. I discovered that it depends on the issue that we have chosen to learn from. I was shown that in one life I had been a hunter, and therefore chose to experience that issue from the perspective of the prey. I felt a sharing of consciousness rather than actually being a bear, and knew that this was just for a period of time, and not the entire life of the animal. 


I believe that varies from person to person, soul to soul. We can certainly merge for a time, a lesson, or a certain experience. If we can incarnate totally into the animal kingdom, would we be aware at the time, or retain the knowledge of it? As to that, I cannot say with any certainty …. yet!  



Past Lives Readings:


Ever since I was a child, I can recall having out-of-body experiences. I thought these were perfectly normal and that everyone had them. I used to get told off a lot at school for ‘daydreaming’ even when I felt I simply wasn’t present in class and I was somewhere else entirely. 


It was not until I was an adult that I met a Medium called Betty, whose first comment to me was “Gosh you do a lot of astral travelling.” 

At the time I did not have a clue what she meant! She told me that my energy goes out of my body in an instant. It was quite a shock, as I thought it was all very normal. She showed me how to control this gift, how to release and reconnect my energy smoothly, at will, and how I could use this to help others. 


At first, I would just go out-of-body to do healing, and was then shown how to travel through time to trace people’s past lives so that they can understand a little more of their soul’s journey. 


I have been doing this for very many years now, giving readings and combining them with healing if necessary. I only work in person, it is not something I do from a distance, unless it is for someone whose very well known to me and I can trace their energy easily. 


I see the energy of past lives that are still being drawn into this life, as threads or cords of light, usually attached at the crown chakra. By releasing my energy from my body, I follow them back into the past and can see where they come from. I view snippets of your past lives, enough to understand why you are still bringing that energy through. When my energy returns to my physical body, I can bring that information back to you. 


In a one-hour reading, I can see several lives that connect to whatever issues you are working through at the time. They may be bringing energy that is helpful to you from your past experiences, or they may be causing fears or phobias in this lifetime. We then work together to release any issues that no longer serve you, in the Violet Flame. 

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