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Grounding, Clearing, and Protecting Energy

This is something that apparently I go on about - a lot! Everyone who has has ever sat in one of my groups, or attended Workshops and Courses with me, has had this drummed into them.


I make no apologies.


To me, these three things are absolutely essential for a happy and smooth journey into the realms of Spirit. There are several ways to be grounded, which simply means; to anchor your energy into the Earth. 


For that reason, information and methods to use will be given here freely. It will not be a Workbook for anyone to buy, I will make this page as comprehensive as I can, so that you may always have it to refer to.


However, if you wish to work with the Crystals, that is one of the Crystal Wisdom Workshops and is a separate issue.



Being grounded is essential before connecting to any higher, or faster frequency of energy. This includes any psychic work, and connecting to those in Spirit, our Guides, Archangels, and Beings of other Realms and Dimensions. We have all heard the phrase: “Away with the Fairies”, and this particularly applies to those who are not ‘grounded’.


The term ‘grounding’ means foundation, preparation, and a basic understanding. So consider the practice of grounding your energy, as laying the foundation for a better connection to Spirit, and a way to reach higher or faster frequencies.


Firstly, anchor your energy into the Earth to stabilise you, and stop you feeling light headed. This can be done by visualisation, repeating an affirmation, or by using Crystals, placing them at your feet.

This should ideally be done every day, whether you are working spiritually or not. Life can be stressful and you will cope far better if you are grounded and feeling the support of the entire Earth beneath your feet. 

I find that first thing in the morning, as soon as I swing my feet out of bed and onto the floor, is the best time. Before I even stand up:


I take a deep breath in, and as I breath out I visualise two roots growing from my feet, twisting around each other and pushing all the way down to the centre of the world.


As I breathe in, I draw the energy of the Earth back up through my legs to fill my body with a rainbow of Light.


As I breathe out, I release the rainbow colours out into my aura.


As I breathe in again, I imagine a bright gold Light, like a bubble, around the outside of my energy field.


Three breaths, and I'm grounded and protected for the day.


I tell everyone that if they are caught out in the day, being with people who may drain your energy, or going to a place of chaotic energy, just "Double the Bubble"

Here's the long version:


Visualisation 1:


Imagine roots extending from the soles of your feet down through the floor and foundations of wherever you are. See a bright circle of light spinning clockwise at the surface of the earth; this is your Earth Star Chakra and your root drops down through its centre into the earth beneath.


With every breath out feel your root sinking down through soft layers of rock, through limestone and clay, dropping down through underground water, finding its way through cracks and fissures in the harder layers of rock, passing through caves, caverns and layers of crystals.


Your root is descending deeper and deeper, pulled by the magnetic energy of the iron core, through the heat of the liquefied rock and metal, to attach and be held securely at the centre of this Earth. 


As you breathe in, draw that energy back up through your root, feel the strength and support of Mother Earth. You are connected to, and part of this Earth, formed from the same energy frequency of Light; all the colours of the rainbow. Draw it higher with every breath, through your root, up your legs into your torso, across your shoulders and down your arms, and up into your head, clearing your mind and soothing your thoughts.


You are filled with all the colours of Light. Take a deep breath in and feel the colours flowing throughout your physical body. *


As you breathe out release the rainbow of light through your chakras at your front, your back and crown, to fill your aura. Notice the colours swirling around you. With another breath in, imagine a beam of bright gold light descending and settling like a membrane around the outside of your energy field. You are in a protective golden ‘bubble’ of Light.


* If you choose to work with the Violet Flame, focus on the Violet Light within you, until it outshines all the other colours. Feel your body filled with Violet Light, and breathe that out to fill your aura.

Here's an alternative:


Visualisation 2:


Visualise grounding cords from your base chakra (male) or sacral chakra (female) combining with cords from your feet, and from the centre base of your aura. See them extend down into the Earth together, (through all the layers as above) to wrap around the iron rock at the core. 

If you are not visual, or feel above are too much to do first thing in the morning, then this works too:


Repeat an affirmation:


Take 3 slow, deep breaths, and repeat an affirmation with every out breath.


     “My roots connect me to the heart of Mother Earth. I am grounded.”         


Push your feet to the floor as you say the final sentence.

You can always make up your own, whatever resonates with you. If it is done from your heart, with positive intent, it will work just as well.

Grounding Crystals:


As a general rule, black stones are considered the most grounding. They can be worn, kept around you in your home or workplace, or placed at your feet when relaxing, meditating, or receiving healing.


Crystals that have strong grounding properties include:

Hematite and Hematite in Quartz - Hematite is shiny silvery black when tumbled, but is dark brick red in its raw form as an inclusion in Quartz.

Black Obsidian, Mahogany Obsidian, and Snowflake Obsidian Obsidian is a volcanic glass, thrown up from deep in the Earth as volcanoes erupt. The Mahogany variety, is brown and black, whilst the Snowflake Obsidian has white spots or blotches on the black.

Tiger Iron is a mixture of Golden Tiger’s Eye, Hematite and Red Jasper.

Petrified Wood is literally wood that has turned to stone over a long period of time.

Iron Pyrite connects to the iron at the core of the world.

Smoky Quartz is a translucent brown colour. It has been subject to low levels of radiation within the Earth over a long period of time. The darker the Smoky Quartz, the greater level of radiation it has been exposed to. It is both grounding and clearing.

and Most Jaspers.

Boji Stones are probably the most grounding of all stones, and come from Kansas. They form in two distinctive ways and are always sold in pairs. One is rough and bumpy and the other is smooth. They represent masculine and feminine energy, and promote the balance of both sides of us all. They are heavy, and will feel more comfortable one way round from the other. So always ask which stone feels best at which foot – right or left. We tend to associate the left side of the brain (which controls the right side of the body) with masculine energy and the right side of the brain with feminine energy. But that is a very loose generalisation and does not feel comfortable for everyone. 

Clearing energy

All energy is neutral, but can retain positive or negative properties, according to how it is used. It can become ‘stuck’ in the energy around us and affect us in a variety of ways. Clearing your own energy field, the energy of your room, home or workplace, will enhance your wellbeing. Many people are unaware of the effect of their close environment, and often cannot understand why they feel unwell, or perhaps their life is disrupted and they cannot progress.


Energy clearing can be done by visualisation, sound, smudging, aura sprays, Reiki symbols, and of course, Crystals.



This is the most effective method I have used. Mercury is the best filter of negativity and really works. (Obviously not real mercury because it is highly toxic.)


Imagine a wall or floor of mercury sweeping through you, your room, your home or your workplace, taking all the negativity within it. Visualise it passing through the foundations and roof if you are clearing an entire building. Once it is outside, imagine scooping it into a large sphere containing all unwanted energy within it. Call on the Violet Flame to clear it, and imagine a stream of Violet Light like a laser beam, entering the ball, to transmute the negativity. See it then as a clear bubble of neutral energy, and ask that it be taken to the Light and used for the Highest Good.


Set barriers or walls of mercury like a box around your room or home and call for the energy of the Violet Flame to fill it. All energy that connects with the Violet Flame is automatically transmuted to positive energy of the same vibration.


Alternatively, imagine a spark of Violet Flame at the centre of yourself, your room or the place you are in. See the glow of Violet Light from the Flame expand and brighten. Keep seeing it spread outward, transmuting any negativity to positivity as it pushes out through your aura, and out of the building. (Then protect that space with walls, floor and roof of mercury.)


If you are a therapist, or have other people regularly coming to your home or place of work, this is best done regularly, and especially in between clients, whatever healing you may be doing. 


Sound also clears ‘stuck’ energy.


Tibetans and Eastern religions use ting-shahs, a singing bowl, a bell or gong. Native American Indians use their drums, rattles, and pipes to clear the energy and raise the vibration, as well as using them in healing sessions. 


Sound Healing is increasing in popularity, as we understand more of the vibrational frequencies that we all resonate at. We tend to use any combination of sound for clearing, and for healing; such as Crystal bowls, tuning forks and chimes that have whichever sound appeals to us individually. Even singing or clapping your hands loudly will break up energy that has settled or become dense.


Smudging with sage


Native American Indians used this method of burning some white sage in a shallow dish or Abalone shell, or lighting the end of a stick of sage, then wafting the smoke throughout the space to be cleared. 


(If you are a therapist, take into consideration that some people may not like the smoke, or the smell, particularly asthmatics, so do this well in advance if you prefer this method.)

Aura sprays can also be used to clear and raise the vibration of your space. 


Aura Sprays will clear your aura; many are made with essential oils specifically created by Aromatherapists to clear energy. Our sense of smell is the most evocative of our emotions; so aromas can raise your vibration and expand your auric field, clearing away negative emotional energy, just by giving you pleasure.


Reiki Symbols are also very effective and often used by Reiki Practitioners and Masters. 

Crystals for clearing

Black Tourmaline will clear energy emitted by electrical equipment, such as computers, a microwave, or television. Keep the striations in line with the screen or window. 


Tourmalinated Quartz is often referred to as a ‘Psychic Hoover’. Small Black Tourmaline 'sticks' form inclusions in Quartz, which then magnifies the properties of the Tourmaline. It will clear personal space if carried or worn.


Shungite is a dull black, looking like Jet, but is heavier. It is another stone used for cutting out the effects of electro-magnetic frequencies and particularly any radiation.


Smoky Quartz is a really good detoxifier. Using points helps to direct its clearing energy.  They are useful when setting healing grids or mandalas. 


Sulphur (this is quite toxic and should be handled carefully.) It is a bright acid yellow colour, and as an inclusion in Quartz, makes it easier to handle. It absorbs negativity, and is extremely clearing. 


Fluorite is translucent, in purple, green, blue or a combination of those colours. It is excellent for clearing a busy mind, to sharpen focus and assist memory. 


Once cleared, it is important to keep your energy, and that of your property and environment protected against any disruption. Think of it in the same way that you would not go out, or go to sleep, leaving your front door wide open!


Energy 'out there' is no different to the variety of energy we experience in the physical world. There are many kind, compassionate and trustworthy people on Earth, and more Love here than we can possibly imagine, but there are also those who would not always act for the Highest Good.


It is not so different in Spirit; there are a lot of wise and helpful teachers, Angels and representatives of all sorts of wonderful Beings, but there are also those who would deceive and cause a nuisance. 



A bubble of intense gold light around the outer edge of your aura. This should be done regularly. Every morning, be grounded, clear your own energy, and protect it with gold light.


A double column of white light, spinning in opposite directions around you. This can be done in dire situations, if you are particularly sensitive. No outside interference can affect you.


Visualise mercury filling all wall cavities, the foundations and roof, as if you are in a mercury box to keep a room or building protected. 



Crystals for Protection:


Raw Black Tourmaline protects against electromagnetic radiation, transmutes and purifies negative energy and toxins.


Shungite cuts radiation completely.


Jet placed in the corners of your home is particularly effective if you feel the energy of lost or misdirected souls. Even after the energy has been cleared, Jet helps to protect your property from attracting other lost souls who may see it as a doorway to the Light. 


Jet also protects from disruptive, angry or malicious living people; this sort of disruption is often referred to as psychic attack. It is best worn as jewellery, or carried with you against any such problem.


Hematite is the stone that reacts in a similar way to mercury, creating a barrier and strengthening roots and grounding.


Charoite protects against other peoples’ misery or negativity. This is particularly useful for nurses, social workers, counsellors, and anyone who has to regularly deal with the problems of others. 


Tiger Iron strengthens resolve and protects those who are weak or being bullied.


Labradorite is often worn for protection whilst travelling, including astral travelling.


Amethyst was used by the Ancient Greeks to protect against drunkenness and hangovers!

This is by no means complete list of ways to ground yourself, clear your  energy, and protect your space. These are methods that I have found to work, and I pass them on for you to use if they feel right for you. 


Whatever you do, I urge you to take this matter seriously, and follow your chosen practice regularly, preferably every day, to keep yourself in the best state for your wellbeing.   

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