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Akashic Records – These are the records of all your thoughts, intentions and actions from all incarnations. They are your own private records, written by your Higher Self in absolute truth and honesty. They can be accessed by you to review any outstanding karma.  


Alchemists – Scientists of the Middle Ages who attempted to turn base metal into gold. The Spiritual Alchemists used the Violet Flame to transmute our base instincts into spiritual ‘gold’. 


Alchemy – This is the science of transmutation; where the rule of physics that ‘energy moves matter’ is taken further to a state of ‘energy alters matter’.


Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst – They are the Angelic Guardians and Directors of the Violet Flame. They are the Archangels of the Seventh Ray (Violet) who preside over a host of Violet Flame Angels.


Archeia – These are the female counterparts of the Archangels, commonly referred to as their ‘twin flames’. For example: Holy Amethyst is Archangel Zadkiel’s Archeia.


Ascend/Ascension – This is the aim of those incarnated on this Earth: to achieve enlightenment and rise above their physical state. This can be attained at the end of their physical lives when all lessons have been learnt and karma balanced so that they may reside purely in a spiritual state. 


Ascended Masters – Beings who have attained their Ascension after living many lifetimes. They chose to remain close to the Earth plane in order to teach and guide people who are still learning through living physical lives. 


Atlantis – Believed to be an advanced civilisation here on Earth that existed in the Atlantic Ocean but was flooded by the rising seas at the end of the Ice Age. The Violet Flame of Freedom was revered in its Temples until it was removed to safety by St. Germain at Master Rakoczy’s direction. They considered that this ancient society had become so corrupt that its downfall was inevitable. 


Aura – The energy field of any living thing that surrounds the physical form. It is not usually seen with the naked eye.  


Chakras – These are energy centres within the body through which the Meridian energy lines flow. They are like stations on a railway line through which a lot of energy passes and so can sometimes become blocked. 


Dimensions – We are familiar with the three dimensions of height, width and depth and these are the dimensions that we see and use to understand our world. Beyond these are Space and Time; that is the space or volume that an object occupies and the time that it is there. Beyond this, unrestricted by our understanding, are many other dimensions which include universal concepts and spiritual realms which cannot be measured against our limited dimensions.


Elohim – These are Cosmic Beings that carry the highest concentration of Spiritual Light that we can comprehend. They are the builders of form and structure creating things of a tangible nature out of pure energy, even bringing whole worlds into being. The Elohim inspire us to be creative. Arcturus and Victoria are the Elohim strongly connected to the Violet Flame. 


Etheric Realms – These are the layers of Earth’s aura or energy field which are not seen or felt in the physical sense. They can be imagined as above the cloud layer but within the blue of our atmosphere. 


Freedom Flame – It is a flame or a flaming torch that is the visual representation of freedom. One such flame is held by the Statue of Liberty in New York harbour to indicate that America was a land of freedom or liberty. The Freedom Flame is the colour of violet.


Grounded – The term used to describe feeling stable, secure and connected to the Earth.


Guardians and Directors – Spiritual Beings, such as Ascended Masters and Archangels, who guard or keep safe sacred knowledge and wisdom, and all those who use it. They direct spiritual energy to whoever or wherever it is requested, if it is for the Highest Good.   


Guides – Spiritual Beings who help and guide us to achieve our Life’s Purpose. They have usually lived many human lives in order to learn and gain the wisdom to guide those who are still going through their evolutionary journey.


Hara Centre – It is considered the physical centre of gravity of the human body and is positioned just below the waistline. 


Heart Chakra – This is the energy centre at your heart which is linked to the emotions and is depicted as the colour green with pink at the centre.


Higher Self – This is the part of you that remains in spirit when you incarnate, the higher consciousness of all your physical and spiritual energy throughout Time and Space.


Highest Good – This is the term used to describe when something is for the ‘good of all’ rather than just personal gratification. It is also referred to when something happens that is beyond present wishes, like a ‘blessing in disguise’. This also goes beyond Time and sometimes is only seen with hindsight. 


Invoke – To call upon or to summon by magical means or prayer.


Justice Flame – A flame or a flaming torch that is the visual representation of justice. The Justice Flame is the colours of purple and gold.


Karma – This is the word frequently used to describe the balance or imbalance of all our actions and intentions throughout our many lifetimes. This is often thought to be debts between each other, but we also have a debt to our Soul, or Higher Self, to fulfil our soul's purpose, to experience all that we had chosen, and learn all lessons of each lifetime.


Kuan Yin – An Ascended Master and one of the Lords of Karma. She is the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion revered throughout the Far East. She presided over the Seventh, or Violet, Ray for two thousand years. 


Lady Portia – The Ascended Master and twin flame of St Germain with whom she is the current overseer of the Violet Flame for this two thousand year period. She carries the scales of justice and the sword of truth. She is also one of the Lords of Karma.


Lemniscate – The infinity symbol, like a figure of eight on its side that is a perpetual loop of moving energy throughout Time.


Lemuria – An ancient civilisation on Earth said to reside in the Pacific Ocean before the time of Atlantis.


Light Beings – The energy of light concentrated enough to become conscious without having physical form. This includes Guides and Beings of other realms such as Angelic or Elemental, who are usually only seen by those with psychic vision. 


Lords of Karma – These are Spiritual Guides who have chosen to help us with the issue of Karma alongside their other, individual areas of authority.


Mandala – The name given to any pattern formed to hold the focus of a specific intent such as healing.


Manifestation – Setting the intent to bring into physical reality your desires, in alignment with the Highest Good. It also refers to the sudden appearance of something that had not previously been noticed.


Master Rakoczy (aka: Master R, or The Great Divine Director) – He was the Ascended Master who held the blueprint plans for the entire evolution of souls on Atlantis. He directed St Germain to transport the Violet Flame to safety when Atlantis submerged. He is also one of the Lords of Karma.


Mercy Flame – The visual representation of the intense compassion and understanding held by Kuan Yin. The Mercy Flame is the colour of orchid pink.


Meridian lines – Invisible lines of energy that run throughout the body, known of and used in healing practices for thousands of years, particularly in the Far East.


Merlin – An incarnation of St Germain as King Arthur’s alchemist, prophet and advisor. He is recognised in his own right as keeping alive the element of magic in the Violet Flame.


Omri Tas – The overseer of the Violet Planet who presides over 144,000 priests and priestesses who tend the Violet Flame in Temples all over the Violet Planet and here above Earth in the Etheric Realms.


Quan Yin  – An alternative, but popular spelling of Kuan Yin. She is an Ascended Master and one of the Lords of Karma. She is the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion revered throughout the Far East. She presided over the Seventh, or Violet, Ray for two thousand years.

Reiki – A method of ‘hands-on’ healing. It draws on the natural life force energy of all living things to increase the flow of energy along the Meridian lines and particularly through the Chakras. 


Ripple effect – This describes energy that radiates out from a thought or action creating an effect on others or the surroundings throughout time; rather like dropping a pebble in a pond.


Scrying – A method of divination focusing on water, an object or flame to stimulate psychic vision. 


Spirit – The term used to collectively describe all those who have passed from this physical life, as well as Guides, Guardians and Higher Beings. It is also used to describe our own non-physical or Higher Self.


Spirit and Soul – I believe that the Soul is the pure essence of energy that separates from Source, the ‘divine spark’. The Spirit is the energy that is our Higher Self, going through incarnations and travelling through all Realms and Dimensions, holding and protecting the Soul. These two can become damaged and the Violet Flame repairs and restores them.


Soul Group – This is the group of souls with whom we most often choose to reincarnate with. Our family members and friends are usually from this group as are people we meet who make a difference to our journey through life. 


Solar Plexus – The Chakra centre between the lower ribs in the centre of the midriff. It is depicted as the colour yellow and is a centre of strength and determination.


Source – This is a term sometimes used as an alternative to ‘God’. It implies the origin or creation of all energy. It is pure unconditional love. Every thought, action, matter, and all Life are formed out of this energy.


St Germain – The twin flame of Lady Portia and the Ascended Master most commonly called upon for, and most closely associated with, the Violet Flame. He took over the Seventh Ray office from Kuan Yin and is the current Guardian and Director of the Violet Flame.                                          


Transform – To undergo a change in form, appearance, or character. To alter the nature, function, or condition of anything.  Transformation can occur spontaneously, with or without conscious action.


Transmute – To cause a change from one state to another. Transmutation is to convert by conscious thought or action, with intent, to cause a transformation to occur. 


Twin Flame – This is the phrase used to describe one soul that splits into two, much like the way that cells divide at conception. These are best understood as male and female as that is the closest concept that we can understand them to be. 


Vibrational frequency – Everything in the Universe vibrates. The vibrational frequency is the speed, range and complexity of those vibrations.


Violet Flame Temple – There have been many Violet Flame Temples on Lemuria, Atlantis and the Violet Planet. They still exist in the Etheric Realms of Earth and are places where the Violet Flame is kept burning.


Violet Planet – This is a planet that was much like Earth. It was transformed into a world free from disharmony, disunity and distress by the energy of the Violet Flame. It has an aura of Violet Light. It is not in our solar system. 


Violet Ray – Pure white light can be separated into frequencies which appear as different colours. The coloured bands of Light are referred to as Rays and each Ray of Light has its own energetic quality. The Violet Ray has the attribute of transformation.

In spiritual terms, these colour Rays resonate with the energy of ‘Light Beings’, such as: Ascended Masters, Archangels, and the Elohim. For example, the Archangel of the Violet Ray is Zadkiel because his energy and that of Violet Light are the same frequency.

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