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The Elohim

The Elohim are Cosmic Beings who carry the greatest concentration, the highest vibration of Light that we can comprehend. Together, all the Elohim create and maintain the balance of all the energy Rays. They are the creative energy of the individual aspects of their Colour Rays.


They inspire mankind to be creative, assisting with new innovations, and advancements generally.   

I included the Elohim of the Seven Rays in a regular meditation I ran for several years. These seven then became a Workshop to focus on their individual attributes. 

Please return to this page when I have added more. 

For now, the Elohim of the seven Colour Rays are:


The Elohim of the First, Blue Ray are Hercules and Amazonia. Both of their names are synonymous with strength, so it is the strength of Will, Willpower and our own Faith in ourselves that they help us with. 


The Elohim of the Second, Yellow Ray are Apollo and Lumina. They represent our Sun and Moon. Lumina reflects the Light of Apollo so that we may still have hope in the darkest times. 

The Elohim of the Third, Pink Ray are Heros and Amora. They will assist us to manifest our desires if they are held in purity within our hearts, for the Highest Good of all. They work closely with all those who are passionate about caring for each other, all creatures, the planet, its elements and resources. 

The Elohim of the Fourth, White Ray are Purity and Astrea. Their jurisdiction is to help us create our lives in truth, integrity, and in alignment with our divine spark, our original blueprint, our Source.

The Elohim of the Fifth, Green Ray are Cyclopea and Virgina. They preside over matters of intuition, imagination, and psychic gifts, using all our senses to feel and create a full and abundant life.

The Elohim of the Sixth, Purple/Gold Ray are Peace and Aloha. They help us to achieve the peace within ourselves, accepting all aspects of our nature, our characters and also our physical bodies. Aloha is named after the Hawaiian greeting for 'Welcome', urging us to welcome every part of our whole being. 

The Elohim of the Seventh, Violet Ray are Arcturus and Victoria. They are the Elohim of the Violet Flame, so they encourage transformation and change, with a focus on the new state of being that will be created.

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