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This Workshop has recently been updated to include Crystal and Metal, with the usual four of: Air, Earth, Fire, and Water.

Please revisit this page when it is completed.



The Elementals are beings of great wisdom and humour, far older than mankind, and the caretakers of our planet Earth.


Long, long before Man came to this Earth, the land, the seas, the air, and the temperature were being prepared for Life. The Beings or energy forms who were doing this, were the Elementals. They have knowledge, understanding and love of this planet, which far exceeds ours, and they chose to stay and continue their work so long as the Earth needs them. As we continue to abuse this planet, the Elementals are working harder than ever before. 

The Elementals of Air are called Sylphs, often portrayed or envisioned as Faeries.

They relate not only to the atmosphere and the air we breathe, but also to the mind, thought processes, plans and ideas that shape our world.

The Elementals of Water are called Undines, usually depicted as mermaids.

They relate to all the rivers, seas and oceans, as well as reflects our emotions, reactions and experiences in life.

The Elementals of Fire are called Salamanders, seen mostly as lizards, who bask in the warmth of the Sun.

They relate to the Earth's core, the heat of the sun, the life-giving energy, and also to our core energy, our life force, passion and will.

The Elementals of Earth are called Gnomes who have featured so often in art, books and films, that we are all familiar with their appearance! 

They relate to the actual land masses of the planet, and all the creatures that inhabit it, as well as signifying our physical selves, our bodies, our deeds and actions.

The Elementals of the Crystal Kingdom are referred to as Crystal Devas. 'Deva' is interpreted as a holder of knowledge and wisdom. Crystals absorb, retain and emit energy, so this term is very appropriate to describe the Elemental Beings who guard the Crystals of Earth.  

The Elementals of Metal are the Dwarves, (not to be confused with the Gnomes who are Guardians of the Earth's crust and surface) Dwarves were depicted so well in the 'Lord of the Rings'. They work deep underground, in the layers of metal ore. They are the miners and blacksmiths forging things of value, relating to our morals, ethics, and the structure of civilisations.



The Directors roles are to oversee these energy beings, to guard and guide them and when asked, they work directly with us. These are also included on the Workshop. 

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