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Earth's Chakras

Researching the Chakras of the Earth was a fascinating

project. I found that, although we label these sites

around the globe with the same names as our own

chakras, their energy often felt quite different to how

I expected. 

At some, a great stillness, at others excitement and

creativity, and other sites held ancient wisdom. So I

set out to help people experience these different energies, either through astral travelling to the locations, or by describing them in detail so that you can imagine and sense their significance for the world. 


Please revisit this page when it is completed.

For now, these are the 12 major energy centres of the Earth, including previously identified chakra sites:

On the workshop we visit the following twelve:

Core Connection: This is quite naturally the centre of the planet, the iron core.


Earth Star: South Africa: Table Mountain, the Lion’s Head, and Cango Caves.


Base: Mount Shasta in California.

Sacral: Lake Titicaca in the Southern highlands of Peru.

Solar Plexus: Uluru, (Ayers Rock) in central Australia.

Heart: Glastonbury in Somerset, England.


Higher Heart: Dobogoko, in Hungary.


Throat: The Giza Pyramids in Egypt

Brow/Third Eye: Said to move through different ‘Ages’, currently over Western Europe.


Crown: Mount Kailash, Tibet.

Soul Star: Bali

Stellar Gateway: At the edge of our blue atmosphere.

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