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The Realm of Dragons

I am born of a time before men

when the world was raw.

The wisdom of rocks and fire

and earth and blood

is in my veins.

For now I live 

in a world of mists beyond the reach 

of mortal man.

But the time shall come when I shall rise again.



There is a vast amount of information that came through to three of us who worked with the Dragons for 9 months. I then had the task to write it all up for a workshop that runs for two days. I will do my best to give you a taster of the workshop here to whet your appetite. 

With thanks to Patrick Gamble for these wonderful paintings!

In the Far Eastern culture Dragons are still greatly revered, symbols of The Emperor, Power, Prosperity, and Authority. 


In Chinese Astrology the years 2000 and 2012 were both the Year of the Dragon – and hugely influential as turning points in mankind’s evolution. 2024 will be the next…….!


Dragons have been part of our history and our evolution. Old myths and legends no longer apply as we learn the truth of their existence. 


They interacted with this Earth in the distant past, but they withdrew their energy when they were feared and misunderstood. As our awareness is expanding, our energy vibration is quickening, and we can reach theirs once again. 


Their energy range is vast, like a huge choir singing from bass notes that we cannot possibly hear, to the highest that are also beyond our range. The range of vibrations of human beings is far more limited, but in places, they do overlap.   


They were amused at people’s reference to Earth being 3D, limited to only three dimensions. They said that this planet has always been multi-dimensional, otherwise any other Beings such as past Gods, the Angelic Realm, and all those in Spirit could not have been part of its existence. They explained that it is human beings who were the limiting factor here, only seeing this world through blinkered ideas and vision.  


Dragons have a much wider perspective of our individual lives, as part of Earth’s evolutionary path, and Gaia’s eventual Ascension. They are helping us to reach our full potential, as we are the life force that has the greatest effect on the Earth. That is their overall aim and concern. 


They are difficult to categorise because they are so complex and multi-faceted. They wish to be considered, first and foremost, as Guardians of this Earth. As human beings cause the greatest effects on our planet, they are guiding us to a better future for ourselves, and our world.


The Dragons told us they do not like names or labels – no word can sum up what each individual Dragon is. They know we like to use names as a means of identification, but they do not. 


We were told:

“Why do you continue trying to define, label and create ‘boxes’ for us? We do not have names, wear tags around our horns or our feet, and we cannot be restricted to a list of attributes, elements, jobs, or purposes. We simply exist in a state of complete freedom of choice. When we choose to communicate with you, it is with the intent of sharing with you, all that we hold sacred, our concepts of value, if you like. We hold in high esteem: Integrity, Worthiness, Honesty, Respect, and Openness. These are the ‘Treasures,’ the ‘Gold’ that we are Guardians of.”

So it was agreed that purely for our convenience, we would create ‘categories’ so that we could connect and learn more from them, in relation to knowledge we already have. This was why we linked through the natural elements of Earth: Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Crystal, and Metal.


It gave us a structure to start from.


Dragons of the Air element connect with our thoughts, ideas, perceptions, and our sense of fun and freedom.


Dragons of the Earth element connect with practical things in life, our stability, balance, security, and healing in general.


Dragons of the Fire element connect with passion, risk-taking, courage, and rebirth, as well as cleansing, clearing the way for change.


Dragons of the Water element connect with our emotions, ease, grace, lifecycles and new beginnings.


Dragons of the Crystal element connect with creativity, clarity, reflection, and soul-searching.


Dragons of the Metal element connect with strength, forward planning, looking to the future, and protection.

They presented us with three different types – how we would interpret ‘gender’. We are used to the duality of male and female here, but as they are multi-faceted, they cannot be so clearly defined. I thought three were enough for us to get our heads round!

Fixed, Mutable, and Reflective.

(The number 3 cropped up again and again in relation to the Dragon Realm.)


Their individual characters varied hugely, and we found them to have a very dry sense of humour, that we felt comes from always seeing the bigger picture and not getting caught in the ‘here and now’.


They explained their connection with our world and our moon, and with other worlds in this and other Galaxies. They really are a Universal consciousness. 

The Realm of Dragons Workshop covers..... 


This may change a bit, as I tend to rewrite some of it each time, as more information continues to be given. This will give you a rough idea of what we cover.

It is a mix of learning from the full comprehensive manual given, guided visualisations to meditate to, and connect with the Dragons yourself, time to write any notes of your experiences and share them for discussion - if you so wish.

Day 1:


Putting the old myths and legends into perspective in the context of our modern times.


Their true identity and energy frequency.


Connecting with Dragons as Guides.


The trouble in categorising them, but for our convenience:

Elements: Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Crystal, and Metal.



Character: Fixed, Mutable, Reflective.             


Appearance:  Size, shape, colours and distinguishing features.


Personality: such as humorous and playful, serious, or pushy!


Purpose and Attributes: such as healing, teaching, protection, or creativity.

Day 2:


Universal Dragons on Earth, our Moon, and other worlds in the many Universes.


They asked to be recognised mainly as Guardians, so we divided this into the following: 


Guardianship of:


Sacred Geometry, Symbols and Crystals. This included the Runes as simple versions of the those they use,  but also other symbols such as crop circles, the geometry of Crystals, and structure of Life.   


Potential, and Portals. They hold the energy of our Highest Potential, all the ways to achieving it and the passages we go through, including between lives, Realms, and Dimensions.  


Earth, Energy Cycles and Time. They guide the Earth through its patterns of change; ice ages, global warming etc. They oversee the rise and fall of civilisations, and they guard Sacred Sites, Ley Lines, and the great Serpent Lines around the globe.  


Working with them: Anchor points and places of contact


Co-creating our future


There is a Meditation CD and a bag of Crystals available on the Shop page, to help you to connect with the

Realm of Dragons.

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