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Crystal Healing

The healing properties of crystals have been known for thousands of years. Crystals are formed from minerals, under extreme heat and pressure. With only a few exceptions, they form in one of seven very rigid and specific patterns.


Crystals are also widely used in technology. Quartz is most

commonly used, but a type of Pyrite (fool’s gold) is used in

radio receivers, and Rubies are used in the manufacture of



We tend to think that human bodies are a high percentage of water, but research has shown that the fluid has more of a crystalline structure. That is believed to carry our Chi, Prana, or Ki, which is the energy flow, or the life force. Crystal healing brings our somewhat chaotic energy patterns back into order, structure and balance.


Crystals have been used for thousands of years, in many cultures and civilisations. The Ancient Greeks used Amethyst to counteract drunkenness and hangovers, and the Ancient Egyptians used Turquoise as a stone of protection. In Atlantis Quartz was used to capture the power of the sun to generate electricity. Their healing properties have been understood and accepted without scientific proof, but now we are able to test those beliefs and see them to be true, the interest in crystal healing is on the rise.

Crystals have long been used to link with other realms and dimensions. Due to their electromagnetic and light emitting properties, they are viewed as communicators to other Light or Energy Beings. Quartz in particular, is programmable to hold energy and intent, so the idea of the Crystal Skulls containing and releasing valuable information is totally believable.


Crystals can balance, alter, regulate, enhance, energise and heal us on very many levels. Whether using them for their mineral content on the physical plane, healing the emotions and energy of our more subtle bodies, or as a Spiritual connection to our guides and other realms, crystals are now very important tools of healing.


I studied a 2-year diploma course in Crystal Healing and Energy Work at The School of Inner Light in Bournemouth, qualifying in 2006. I now teach a certificated course, over 12 modules, covering the following topics. It qualifies you to obtain insurance and work as a Crystal Healer.


This course will not be transferred into a Workbook or taught online, for obvious reasons. It will only be available at my home in Bournemouth.

  • What is Crystal Healing and how does it work

  • Choosing and Caring for Crystals

  • Explaining Mohs Scale (The different hardness of crystals)

  • ŸExploring Shape and Colour (Explaining crystal formation)

  • Dowsing Chakras/Scanning

  • Rainbow layout

  • Energise, balance and calm (using quartz pts)

  • ŸQuartz – inclusions and personalities, their healing properties and what to look for when                  buying Quartz points 

  • Using Pendulums and Wands (dowsing for energy - hot/cold spots)

  • How to regulate and direct energy, chakras, and 3 or 5 line clearing

  • Aura/Space clearing

  • Earth Energies and Geopathic Stress Lines etc

  • Agates, Aventurines, Jaspers, Calcites etc. Their healing properties and what to look for

  • Intuitive work with Rainbow layout crystals – meditating and connecting with the crystals

  • Practice intuitive use of crystals in a treatment

  • Mandalas, Grids and Layouts for enhancing or sending/distant healing

  • ŸCreating patterns of energy

  • Treating the 7 layers of the aura

  • ŸProgramming your personal crystals

  • A complete crystal healing treatment demonstration, with Questions and Answers, going over notes.

There are plenty of practical sessions as the course progresses, giving treatments to other course members or volunteers. 


The course is followed by a Final Assessment of a full treatment given to an unknown volunteer. When this is passed, the certificate will be given. 

Crystal Wisdom

​I also run a series of individual Crystal Wisdom Workshops, some of which I will make available on here for your personal learning.


These are just brief tasters, and include:


Crystals of the Archangels


There are many crystals, which carry a very ‘Angelic’ energy, and connect easily to their Realm as a collective.


Among the most popular crystals with a general ‘Angelic’ energy are:


Amethyst – it is no coincidence that this is the crystal that most people are first attracted to, when they are opening their hearts and minds to divine energies including the Angelic Realm. Amethyst holds the properties of cleansing and purification, aiding meditation.


Angelite – this is a very gentle stone assisting direct communication with Angels and Archangels. It induces a sense of peace and acceptance.


Celestite – brings a feeling of confidence when connecting with divine energies. It is a very protective stone when communicating, ensuring that the connection is pure, and it encourages trust and patience in the process.


Rutilated Quartz – is sometimes called ‘Angel Hair Quartz’ due to the strands of golden rutile that form within it. Being Quartz, it is easily programmable and enhances angelic creativity and inspiration.


Scolecite – feels like angel’s wings being wrapped around you. It is kindness and gentleness in crystal form. When we call upon the Angels for support in difficult times, this is the peace we receive.


Selenite – clears any blockages and aligns the chakras to become a clear channel for angelic guidance. It acts as a direct beam of light for information and sensations to travel in both directions.

The Archangels have very individual aspects, and several crystals hold a corresponding energy that creates a convenient link to them. I kept the list of Crystals to those which are readily available at not too great a cost. For example:


Kyanite, Sunstone, and Lapis Lazuli link with Archangel Michael and his Archeia Lady Faith.


Among the properties of these Crystals, are: Divine connection, support, leadership, courage, strength, belief, trust, purpose, and acceptance of self.

Crystals of the Dragons


It is generally accepted that Dragons connect with the Mineral and Crystal Kingdoms. There are ancient tales of them residing in crystal caves deep within the Earth’s crust.


Dragons have always been greatly revered in the Far East, along with the properties of Crystals, and particularly Crystal Healing. This seemed a very natural connection as interest is growing here in both Dragons and in the power of Crystals. We are slowly remembering all the wisdom that had been lost, clouded, or distorted through time. 


For example:

Septarian has been known as ‘Dragon stone’ for a long time. The name is believed to come from the Latin word 'saeptum" meaning partition, due tothe cracks or separations in the stones. They are formed from a mixture of minerals, commonly yellow Calcite and Aragonite (the brown lines) with a combination of Baryte, Limestone or Chalcedony. Mineral rich liquid filled cracks in harder rock, often dried up river beds, solidifying like concrete in the fissures.


The link with Dragons is due to these stones found in rock 50-70 million years old, around the time when the dinosaurs became extinct. Because they form from a combination of minerals, yet remain in their separate states; they are used for working with, or alongside, other Beings, Realms and Dimensions. The inside of these stones looks entirely different to the outer layer, representing the mystery and the ‘unknown’ qualities of the Dragons. 


As Dragons are multi-dimensional, and multi-faceted, there are many Crystals which carry their strength and complexity. Some of the other stones already identified as having a connection with Dragons include: 



Iron Pyrite - Naturally formed egg shaped pieces are called Dragons eggs.


Mystic Merlinite - Due in part to the Dragons link with Merlin, magic and ancient wisdom. 


Dragons Blood Jasper - as the name suggests, it appears as if splattered with a dark blood red.


And Black Obsidian - thanks to Game of Thrones, where it was referred to as Dragon Glass. 


Other stones we connect with on the Workshop include:


Black Moonstone, Moldavite, Tektite, Fire Agate, Que Sera Stone, and Tiger Iron.


A bag of some the Dragons Crystals, containing: Septarian, Iron Pyrite, Dragonsblood Jasper, Mystic Merlinite, Tiger Iron, and Black Obsidian is available on the Shop page.

Grounding, Clearing, and Protection


Grounding, clearing and protecting your energy is vital if you are on a spiritual path, opening up to other energies and entities.


Let it become a daily habit and above all, enjoy!



Being grounded is essential before connecting to any higher, or faster frequency of energy. This includes any psychic work, and connecting to those in Spirit, our Guides, Archangels, and Beings of other Realms and Dimensions. 

We have all heard the phrase: “Away with the Fairies”, and this particularly applies to those who are not ‘grounded’. 


There are several ways to be grounded, which means; to anchor your energy into the Earth. These are described more fully on the Ground/Clear/Protect page.




If you are visual, imagine two roots growing from your feet, twisting around each other like a rope, and sending that down through all the layers of the Earth, to attach and be held securely on the core rock of magnetic iron. 


Alternatively, you can repeat a mantra or affirmation to state that your root connects you to the Earth, and you’re are grounded. 


Or you can carry or wear Crystals that have those properties. Among the most popular are:


Obsidian – black, snowflake, or mahogany. This stone is a black volcanic glass, so rises from very deep within the Earth, forms in extreme conditions, and then cools on the surface.


Iron Pyrite – connects its energy to the iron core. 


Garnet – has a very supportive energy, providing and holding the space for moving forward, like a solid base to jump from.


Petrified Wood – is, as the name suggests, crystalised wood, which forms over hundreds, if not thousands of years. It has properties of longevity, perseverance, security and stability. 


Hematite  - is deep brownish red in its raw form, but polishes to a shiny silvery stone, a bit like solid mercury would look. It is often placed at the feet in a Crystal Healing treatment.


   A bag of these crystals is available on the Shop page.


All energy is neutral, but can retain positive or negative properties, according to how it is used. It can become ‘stuck’ in the energy around us and affect us in a variety of ways. Clearing your own energy field, the energy of your room, home or workplace, will enhance your wellbeing. Many people are unaware of the effect of their close environment, and often cannot understand why they feel unwell, or disrupted and blocked from moving forwards.


This includes personal energy clearing, dealing with geopathic stress, negative or disruptive Ley Lines, and outside influences from other people or situations.


There are several ways to clear negative energy from yourself or your environment. These are described more fully on the Ground/Clear/Protect page.


Energy clearing can be done by: visualisation, sound, smudging, aura sprays, Reiki symbols, and of course, Crystals.


Among the most popular Crystals are:


Tourmaline in Quartz – this stone is often referred to as the ‘Psychic Hoover’.

Small ‘sticks’ of Black Tourmaline are often found as inclusions in Quartz, which magnifies the properties of the Tourmaline. It will clear you and your personal space if carried or worn. 

Fluorite is translucent, in purple, green, blue or a combination of those colours. It is excellent for clearing a busy mind, or if you find it hard to switch off. It also helps with focus and memory, seeing things clearly.


Amethyst helps to transmute any negative energy retained from the past, releasing it in the Violet Flame.


Smoky Quartz is a really good detoxifier; it can be found in points or tumbled stones. Using points helps to direct its detoxifying energy, clearing energy away. They are useful when setting healing grids or mandalas. 


Shungite is a dull black, looking like Jet, but is heavier. It is mostly used for cutting out the effects of electro-magnetic frequencies and particularly any radiation. It is useful to keep in front of computers and microwaves, and worn or carried with you to protect against all outside radiowave interference.


A bag of these crystals is available on the Shop page.

Clearing Geopathic Stress


This is the term used when the natural vibrations within the Earth become distorted.


The Earth is covered with a natural grid of energy lines. They can form or change as the Earth’s plates shift and move. The energy lines we refer to as Ley Lines are created by regular movement of people or creatures, for example: paths used for centuries, where people travelled to sacred sites or markets, or even animals heading to a watering hole. These will hold the energy of that movement. 


Where these lines cross the energy is magnified. Remember energy itself is neutral, neither good nor bad, but if two lines cross which do not have the same frequency or vibration, then the energy created can be disruptive. This could happen when people going to a church or temple crossed paths where animals were being driven to slaughter. You can imagine the very different energy these lines would hold, and the clash where they may cross.


Aragonite is an excellent crystal to disperse this type of energy. It grows in small clusters referred to as ‘sputniks.’


Green Aventurine will balance the clashing energies, promoting peace and harmony. 


Tourmalinated Quartz will help to separate the lines and clear the discrepancy between them.


Hematite in Quartz repels any negative or discordant energy, bringing almost a conscious agreement between the lines. 


Once cleared, it is important to keep your energy, and that of your property, protected against any future disruption. Think of it in terms of; you would not go out, or sleep at night, leaving your front door wide open!


Sadly not everything that exists in the realm of Spirit is all ‘Love and Light’, just as it isn’t here on Earth. There are nuisance spirits just as there are nuisance people. Keeping yourself and your property clear and protected will help you to live peacefully without being bothered by any unwelcome attention – from the spirit world that is! 


There are several ways to protect your energy, and these are described more fully on the Ground/Clear/Protect page.


You can use visualisation, repetition of a mantra or affirmation, or by calling your Guides or Archangel Michael, but these are some of the Crystals that offer protection:


Raw Black Tourmaline protects against electromagnetic radiation, transmutes and purifies negative energy and toxins.


Snowflake Obsidian – helps to see the Light within the Dark and protects against fear-based energy. It will ease your own fears and can lift pessimism.


Red Tiger’s Eye – this is sometimes called Ox-Eye. It encourages perseverance and facing things head-on. Although sometimes linked to stubbornness, when used for protection it will help you to stand your ground and not be manipulated or pushed around.


Jet also protects from disruptive, angry or malicious ‘live’ people; this sort of disruption is often referred to as psychic attack. It is best worn as jewellery, or carried with you against any such problem.


Labradorite is often worn for protection whilst travelling, including astral travelling.


A bag of these Crystals is available on the Shop page.

**Should you encounter any energy that you feel worried or concerned about, and do not feel up to clearing it alone, please do not hesitate to contact me. It is something I can do remotely or in person. 



Jaspers are all very grounding, protective and 'practical' in the physical sense. Their energy is very nurturing, sharing and generous, reminding us that we are all part of humanity and not isolated beings, nor are we separated by death. They are comforting at times of change, helping us to feel solid ground beneath our feet, protecting us on our journey, however difficult that may seem at times.


Jaspers are invigorating, boosting our beliefs and abilities, giving us courage when we are facing doubts or fears. They connect us to the Earth and the bigger picture that entails.


Jasper forms in many colours and patterns. The sheer variety is wonderful and it would be easy to focus on this one family of Crystals, meditating and connecting with them, enjoying the abundance of energy they give.


Plain coloured Jasper is most commonly red or yellow, but there are many mixtures, often referred to as polychrome, and a spectacular amount of clearly defined and individual patterns. A relatively new find, which is proving very popular is Bumblebee Japer, with glorious yellow, orange, black brown or grey banding – hence its name! It has inclusions of Sulphur, which is very cleansing but toxic (so treat it carefully!) It urges the clearing out of old patterns of behaviour, offering the courage to step out of your comfort zone.


One of my personal favourites is Ocean Jasper, otherwise known as Orbicular Jasper. Ocean Jasper reminds me of standing on the wet sand when a wave comes in and drags the sand back from under my feet. It helps me to hold my balance, go with the flow and let the ocean take me where I’m needed. 

That endless sound of the waves, however wild or gentle, rushing up the sand, frothing white at the edge, and drawing back again, I find incredibly comforting. Any problems are temporary, and I give myself to the surf and the ocean.


Naturally Dragonsblood Jasper is another Crystal I enjoy working with, connecting as it does, to the Dragon Realm. It is a very dark stone of epidote mixed with Red Jasper. It gives a feeling of invincibility, honour and trustworthiness.


I choose Picture Jasper, sometimes called Picasso Stone, when I need to see the bigger picture or hidden message of some situation. It has abstract patterning of brown, beige and cream looking like a desert landscape. It is also a nice reminder that we are never ‘deserted’.

Mandalas, Grids, and Layouts


A Mandala is an energetic pattern created to carry an intent for a specific purpose. 


It has become a commonly used term for any symmetrical pattern, but it was derived from Hindu and Buddhist symbols representing the cosmos. They were created and used for bringing the Universe and Earth into balance.


A Crystal Mandala is a very quick and easy way to send healing that can continue over an indefinite period of time. Needless to say, we create mandalas for healing with the intent that it is ‘For the Highest Good’. 

You can use pre-printed mandalas as a base, colour them in if preferred, and lay crystals in a symmetrical pattern over the mandala, or it is possible to use crystals alone and create your own mandala pattern. Think about which crystals will be most appropriate for the person or situation.

Grids are created in a similar way, but they tend to use the distinctive patterns of Sacred Geometry, such as: The Flower of Life, The Seed of Life, which are ancient symbols found drawn and carved, in many locations around the world. Metatron’s cube is also a popular symbol to use, for its interpretation as being the ‘map of creation’, and the Merkaba, believed to be the shape of our ‘Light Body’. 


It is widely understood that the entire Universe and the creation of life can be explained in mathematical terms. These patterns are found in nature, which confirms this belief, from the hexagonal cells that bees create, to the nautilus shell with its precise spacing of chambers within its spiral shell.


They are used mostly for Global or Universal healing as they are all-encompassing. When used for personal healing, they help with long-term issues and any negative aspects from previous lifetimes, as they carry the energy throughout Time and Space.


Placing crystals in the lines of these grids carries a more expansive, Universal energy than that of Mandalas. Whether you form the grid from Crystals alone, or use pre-drawn grids, such as the grid boards shown here, the energy will be carried, to wherever or whatever is your intent, providing of course, that it is for the Highest Good! 


Grid boards used on the workshops and featured here, are available from Patrick Gamble.

Layouts are for personal use and used in healing for others. Follow the same principle, create a pattern of crystals around your chair, bed or couch and sit or lie within it to sense how the crystals are working, or work with someone else to give you feedback, so that you can build a file of different layouts for different purposes.


For such things as:


Emotional overload, surround yourself with calming and protective Crystals, usually Rose Quartz or pale blue stones within an outer circle or tunnel of black stones.


For exhaustion choose energising crystals, such as orange Carnelian, or Citrine, and Herkimer Diamonds for a real energy boost.

Crystal Oracle


This workshop teaches you how to use Crystals for intuitive readings. Knowing just a small amount about the healing properties of Crystals, combined with your intuition, can enable you to give readings, advice and guidance to others.

It is a fun and lighthearted way use the wonderful energy of the Crystals. They can be incorporated with any other divination tools, such as Oracle or Tarot cards, or used alone to focus on any aspects of the questioner’s life.


This can lead to clients becoming interested in the healing properties of Crystals and they may want to buy a particular one that has resonated with them particularly.


A brief list of some of the more common Crystals, with their healing properties, will give a starting point for information to ‘come through’ your intuition and psychic abilities. Always think about how a particular stone responds with your own energy, and ask your Guides, (whether they are known to you or not) how each stone relates to the person you are giving a reading to. 

I use a collection of 68 tumbled stones in a bag and ask a client to pick some out, either randomly, or whilst focusing on a particular question. For example:


Banded Agate - slow down, rhythms, energy patterns, ‘go with the flow’.


Blue Chalcedony - creative, new ideas, learning, optimism, imaginative communication.


Citrine - manifestation and clarity of will, patience, prosperity and abundance.


These three together would imply that when the questioner takes time out, or slows down a possibly hectic lifestyle, new ideas would come to them. It would give the opportunity to be more creative or learn new skills, perhaps taking up a new hobby. With practice and a bit of patience this could lead to being able to earn some money from this new venture.

The Many Faces of Quartz


Perhaps the most diverse, varied, adaptable and most commonly used crystal is Quartz. It is the most abundant mineral found on Earth as it forms within any rock type, any environment and at any location.


Quartz comes in a variety of colours due to different minerals being present in the earth as it forms. Sometimes they blend well with the natural Quartz, turning it into Crystals we know as Amethyst, Citrine, or Rose Quartz for example. 


There are also minerals which form in a different pattern, creating individual crystals seen within the Quartz. These are known as inclusions, such as:


Tourmalinated Quartz (with inclusions of Tourmaline, which forms in straight lines)


Rutilated Quartz (with inclusions of Rutile – this is often called Angel Hair, because of the gold strands running through the Quartz.)


Chlorite in Quartz is another inclusion which makes the Quartz look ‘dirty’, but it has a great connection to Nature and the Elementals.  

Tourmalinated Quartz (with inclusions of Tourmaline, which forms in straight lines)


Rutilated Quartz (with inclusions of Rutile – this is often called Angel Hair, because of the gold strands running through the Quartz.)


Chlorite in Quartz is another inclusion which makes the Quartz look ‘dirty’, but it has a great connection to Nature and the Elementals.  


Quartz also varies, the world over. For example:


Quartz from Russia has a brownish look to it, and feels very ancient


Quartz from Brazil is the most commonly found and is generally quite bright and clear, but not as clear as Quartz from Arkansas!


Madagascan Quartz is cloudy and dull looking but has a very much gentler feel. Like the island itself, which has evolved in a most individual way, with species of life found there and nowhere else in the world, the Quartz found there is unique and instantly recognisable. 


Quartz that has already been mined is sometimes ‘dipped’ in metallic elements to give it a different colour surface sheen. These are known as Aura Quartz. Although personally, I’m not a fan of crystals being ‘interfered with’, these have the combined energy of crystal and metal, and are quite different to work with. 


Quartz naturally forms in clusters of points. All the points are six-sided, so if they were cut across the length of the point – the cross-section would be hexagonal. The shape of each point though varies considerably. Each side ends in a different shaped 'face'.


The amount of ‘sides’ or straight 'edges' of the faces, gives each Quartz point a different ‘personality’. This creates a vast list of uses for these individual points, too many to go into or describe here. 


Some of the formations are labelled as: Record Keepers, Time-Link, Transmitters, Phantom, Creator, Soul Mates, and Twin Flame Crystals.

The Quartz point in the photo is a Channeller. I hope you can see that the largest 'face' at the point has 7 edges to it. Opposite that, the other side of the point, is a perfect triangular face. 


Have a look at yours, if you have some, and see if you have any Channellers. As their name suggests, they are used for channelling information, bringing it through from Spirit.

This is covered briefly on the Crystal Healing Course, but is also worthy of a whole day Workshop dedicated solely to the Quartz family. 

Crystals and our Solar System 


Many ancient civilisations and cultures were avid stargazers, often ruling their lives by the movement of the stars and planets in our solar system. It has been acknowledged for thousands of years, that the movement of the planets and our moon affects us on Earth. From the ancient wisdom of Astrology to more modern interpretations, we are fascinated with what goes on in the ‘heavens’.

Many people now seem to know when Mercury ‘goes retrograde’. This is merely an illusion created by our differing orbits around the sun. Mercury is a fast-moving planet, closest to the sun, and it appears to ‘overtake’ Earth in its orbit, except for three times a year when we appear to ‘overtake’ it. It appears to be moving in the opposite direction across our night sky for those few weeks.  


Many people still feel it is a difficult time when communications, plans, research and negotiations may be disrupted. 


I began writing this Workshop by looking at what Crystals would help through these times. 

Aquamarine was the first one that came to my mind; it is soothing, calming, and aids tolerance and understanding.


Citrine assists manifestation and clarity of will, patience, prosperity and abundance. 


Garnet is very grounding and energising, it promotes constancy and perseverance, and inspires loyalty. 


Unakite Jasper is for co-operation and teamwork. 



Finally, I chose Iron Pyrite, for its properties of willpower, drive, and honouring agreements.


Because this needed to last a while, I prepared an energy grid, with the intention that it eased the more negative impact of Mercury going retrograde. 


I began looking at the significance and effects of the other planets, referring to an Astrologer who has a good understanding of their influences. I found that for each one there were appropriate Crystals to enhance or ease their impact on us.


Jupiter has been described as ‘the thinking-person’s planet’, and represents expansion of ideas, growth, wisdom and optimism. When that planet appears to be moving forwards in our night sky, we may want to draw on those attributes by holding, wearing, keeping under your pillow or meditating with: 

Carnelian, for motivation and vitality, and Rhodonite to help stop procrastinating!


Until 2026 we are under a strong influence from the planet Uranus, which affects generations, more than perhaps individuals. It is the planet of the unexpected, rebellion and revolution, freedom, originality of thought and expression. It often brings major changes to Earth and a global shift in consciousness. 


To help with this, I placed some Crystals in an open box with a small globe of the Earth. 

I chose:


Leopardskin Jasper, which represents order out of chaos, taming wild energies, and helps to reform and set new patterns. 


Blue Chalcedony to assist the creativity, new ideas, and optimism.


Pietersite helps bridge the gap through time, from one way of life to another. 


Labradorite enhances creativity, with its beautiful flashes of iridescence, shining a light in the darkness. 

Finally I chose Amethyst for its properties of transformation, and to bring the Violet Flame to smooth the passage of change. 


If you can, have a look at your birth chart and see which planets are in which houses, and how they may affect you. There will always be Crystals that will assist you on a very personal level.

Please get in touch if you would like dates or further details of the Crystal Healing Course, or if you would like to buy the full Workshop notes for any of the Crystal Wisdom Workshops.


I will be adapting them into Workbooks, that you can then download for your personal learning.

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