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13 Colour Rays  The Spectrum of the Light of Spirit


These Colour Rays are not the same as our Chakra colours, which are in the order of the rainbow


These are the colours of Spiritual Light.


The following is a list of the Archangels, Ascended Masters and known Elohim that resonate on each Colour Ray. Details of each of those mentioned will appear on their appropriate pages. 

    1. Blue – The Ray of Power, Divine Will, Communication and Diplomacy


Archangels: Michael and Faith


Ascended Masters: El Morya


Elohim: Hercules and Amazonia


    2. Yellow – The Ray of Wisdom, Understanding, Learning and Illumination 


Archangels: Jophiel and Christine


Ascended Masters: Lord Lanto, Djwahl Khul, Kuthumi


Elohim: Apollo and Lumina


    3. Pink – The Ray of Love, Patience, Beauty, and Creativity


Archangels: Chamuel and Charity


Ascended Masters: Paul the Venetian


Elohim: Heros and Amora


    4. White – The Ray of Purity, Discipline, Order, and Ascension


Archangels: Gabriel and Hope


Ascended Masters: Serapis Bey


Elohim: Purity and Astrea


    5. Green – The Ray of Truth, Logic, Healing, Science and Abundance


Archangels: Raphael and Mary


Ascended Masters: Hilarion, Pallas Athena


Elohim: Cyclopea and Virginia


    6. Purple/Gold – The Ray of Ministry, Service, Duty and Languages


Archangels: Uriel and Aurora (often seen as deep red/wine)


Ascended Masters: Lady Portia (usually seen as the Gold protection around the Violet Flame) 

                            Lady Nada, and Lady Leto


Elohim: Peace and Aloha


    7. Violet – The Ray of Transmutation, Freedom, Forgiveness and Magic


Archangels: Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst


Ascended Masters: St.Germain, Kuan Yin, Omri Tas


Elohim: Arcturus and Victoria


The Elohim of the following Higher Rays are as yet unknown:


    8. Luminous Purple/Green The Ray of Expansion, Unity, Discernment, and Wisdom 

Archangels: Raguel and Harmony


Ascended Masters: The Maha Chohan, Master Rakoczy, Melchizedek


    9. Iridescent Blue/Green – The Ray of Support, Trust, Self-Belief, Nature


Archangels: Sandalphon and Cybele


Ascended Masters: Surya and Lord Cuzco


   10. Fluorescent Orange/Pink – The Ray of Change, Passion, Assurance, and Confirmation


Archangels: Metatron and Constance


Ascended Masters: Ashtar (Commander)


   11. Pearlescent Peach/White – The Ray of Recognition of Truth and Universal Purpose


Archangels: Haniel and Purity


Ascended Masters: Gautama Buddha


   12. Silver –  The Ray of our Soul Star, Acceptance, Overview


Archangels: Jeremiel and Hosanna


Ascended Masters: Sanat Kumara


   13. Gold – The Ray of Divinity, ‘Christ Consciousness’, and Awareness of Source


Archangels: Azrael and Mercy (The Golden Planet)


Ascended Masters: Sananda

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