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Archangels and Archeia

Archangels personify total, absolute, unconditional love.

They carry the vibrational frequency of the Creator, the Source, Divine Spirit, God, however we refer to, or think of, a Higher Power which guides as back to our original state of being, at one with the Universe.

They each preside over a limitless host of angels, among whom you will find your own Guardian Angel. You may feel more closely linked to just one or two of the Archangels, and this may be because your Guardian Angel is one of their host.


      Image by Angie Ricketts.

Archangels have always been depicted as male, whereas in fact, they have both masculine and feminine aspects. Archeia is the term used for their feminine aspect, or female counterpart, sometimes referred to as their Twin Flame. (This is explained more fully on the Glossary page.)

We refer to their masculine and feminine sides separately, for example: Michael and Faith, Gabriel and Hope.

Archangels and their Archeia were traditionally thought to have never incarnated as human beings. However, they have been known to appear in human form at crucial times, and there are many wonderful stories of them appearing to help a soul in trouble and then simply disappearing afterwards.

We accept that, at this time of great change for our Earth, there are many of the angelic realm who are here in physical form. They are here to help and guide, but not to interfere. As we go through difficult times of transition, we cannot turn to them to sort things out for us. We must always take responsibility and rely on our own strengths, but they are there to support and guide us through. 

13 of the Archangels and their Archeia are listed here in the order of their Spiritual Colour Rays, (see Glossary) with a very brief description. This runs as a course, studying one day each month, giving the opportunity to really connect and work with one Archangel and Archeia at a time, keeping a journal of meditations and experiences. This is currently being adapted into a Workbook which can be downloaded for your personal experience.

(The paintings of the following Archangels were done by myself, as I see them in my mind's eye.)

Michael and Faith


Archangel Michael as I see him

Archangel Michael and his Archeia Lady Faith resonate on the first, or Blue Ray of Spiritual Light. It is the Ray of Divine Will, Power, Strength, and Courage. They work to maintain the balance of Truth and Justice in this difficult world. If we can hold in our hearts the belief of the good in mankind, we will add to Michael and Faith's strength, and help them in their purpose.

He said to me: 

"In times of great need, of course I will be with you, but I am in all of you, you are my sword bearers. So find that part of you that is me, and stand beside me to defend what is our right; to return to the source of All-That-Is, the energy of creation, a state of pure Love Together we can achieve this. My role is no longer to stand and protect you; I ask you to understand me, and to stand with me. 

Follow my sword, as you take up those I shall give you, for now is the time to fight for all of humanity, for the future of us all, all realms and kingdoms will stand together with single purpose."                   

Lady Faith has complete belief in the rightful outcome of mankind's conflict. She also has total trust and understanding that at the heart of every one of us is the "Divine within". She has infinite patience and faith that all of us will finally recognise that within ourselves.

Michael and Faith have a Temple Retreat over Lake Louise, in the Rocky Mountains of Canada. It is a golden temple set with diamonds and sapphires, containing the Blue Flame where all their Angels come to be cleansed, energised, and returned to a state of pure Faith.

Jophiel and Christine


Archangel Jophiel as I see him

Archangel Jophiel and his Archeia Lady Christine resonate on the second, or Yellow Ray, of the intellect, the mind, learning and humour. When we learn through experience, with enjoyment and fun, we never forget. Our love of information, statistics and data may give us greater knowledge, but it is only experience which gives wisdom.


He may well have inspired Ghandi to say: "Those who can think for themselves, have no need of teachers."


Some of my greatest lessons and the most fun, have been in meditation with Archangel Jophiel. We have played out among the stars and planets for me to learn the relationships of Time, Distance, and Size, and learned how to blend in with the background by playing 'hide and seek' in a clear glass Temple Retreat. 

Christine said to me:

"Know that your happiest state of being comes from being at peace with yourself. It is true that if there is no inner conflict, there is no outer conflict. Remember you are human; you come here to learn with all the strengths and weaknesses of humanity, the restrictions and freedom of choice. Learn to laugh at yourselves, look at and accept your darker sides, hold the light of humour in your heart to be light-hearted.”

Jophiel and Christine’s Temple Retreat is above the plains of central China. It is a completely transparent building, seemingly formed entirely from glass. It is as if the whole Universe can be seen from here. The light of the Yellow Flame of Wisdom and Illumination shines a warm golden glow throughout.

Chamuel and Charity


Archangel Chamuel as I see him

Archangel Chamuel and Charity resonate on the third, or Pink Ray which relates to Divine Love, that is pure, unconditional Love. For us, it incorporates all our human emotions, and so stretches to fear, hatred, and even war in the opposite extreme.

Chamuel tells us:

“Love and Fear, rather than Love and Hate, are the opposite ends of the same band of emotion, for hatred is usually just an emotional response to fear. Somewhere in between is the pivot point, just like the centre of a see-saw. When you know where this pivot point is, you will have more control over the see-saw of your emotions. This truly is the power of love, the perfect balance of the heart, and the way to understand, accept, and love yourselves more fully, as we do."

Chamuel releases any fears and defends our right to love. Charity asks us to share that highest vibration of love with others, to give with a generous spirit, not for gain, acclaim, or return. They preside over a legion of pink-flame angels, who we can call on when we are struggling to love.

The Retreat of Chamuel and Charity is The Temple of the Crystal-Pink Flame, over St. Louis, Missouri. A bridge of golden light leads to gates set with diamonds and rubies. The Crystal Pink Flame burns off any scars of violence done in the name of Love, abuse whether mental, physical or emotional can be healed here. The Flame will shrink or expand according to what is needed, so we may take many others there, to stand within it, for healing.

Gabriel and Hope


Archangel Gabriel as I see him

Gabriel and Hope are Archangels of the fourth Ray, which is the White Ray of Purity. This Ray is closely associated with our Ascension. Gabriel brings peace and comfort at times of trauma and is recognised throughout many religious beliefs. He presides over messages, new beginnings, momentous occasions and huge changes. His golden trumpet signifies that he will also be a “wake-up call” for mankind.

He watches over children everywhere, which is why they tend to imagine angels all in white. When a child passes into Spirit it is Archangel Gabriel and Hope who take them over.

He shows us the way forward through any difficulties, like a tunnel to get through and Hope holds the light at the end of it!

Change rarely happens overnight, it is a process. There is always a passage from one stage of life to the next, or one world to the next. Ancient cultures celebrated this with Rites of Passage, and they remained times of joy. Now though, we often experience the gap in between as a struggle or frustration.

Hope said “This is where I will be. When your life changes course, or phases of your life come to an end, there is always a gap before the new phase starts. These are the times when I bring you my optimism and joy to help you through. Celebrate such times with me and you will find the passage smoother.”

The Temple of Purity is in the etheric layer above Mount Shasta, California. This beautiful white temple shines with a really soft pearlescent glow in the early morning sun. At other times the glare may seem bright and the trumpets sound loud and insistent, then we know we are truly being called to awaken! 

More pictures of the faces of the Archangels will be added as I paint them.

Raphael and Mary

Raphael and Mary are on the Fifth Ray, which is the Green Ray of the Heart, Healing, Balance and Harmony, Abundance and Science. He is mostly acknowledged as the Archangel of Healing. His female aspect is Mother Mary. It is no surprise that the mother of Jesus (an incarnation of Ascended Master Sananda) came from the Angelic Realm to fulfil that most difficult role.  She was known to be a herbalist and great healer.

They teach us that we MUST first heal ourselves, before we can heal others! 

Raphael helps us to understand why illness occurs, and to treat the cause not the symptoms. Causes of dis-ease and any health problems are often rooted in our  emotional, mental, or spiritual aspects which then manifest in the physical body. He also heals karmic scars, shock, fears, and any issues from other lifetimes.

He also works with all the animal and plant kingdoms.

Mary embodies the concept of true Holistic Healing, which is all-encompassing. As a Mother, she sees through to the heart of any matter, and knows when we are not in complete alignment with our Higher Selves. She said:

“This does not have to be a serious matter. Healing can be achieved with laughter and with joy, releasing the pain. Much healing is done on the emotional level, soothing anxiety.  It is only by releasing old patterns that new can be accepted. I will help with your own self healing so that you are clear to help and heal others.”

Their Retreat is situated over Fatima, Portugal. We can access their Healing Temple behind a beautiful, high waterfall. The water reflects all the spectrum of coloured light and is cleansing before we enter the Temple for complete healing.  

Uriel and Aurora

Uriel and Aurora resonate on the sixth Ray, which is a Purple/Gold Ray of Order, Structure and Stability. Uriel is the Archangel of the Resurrection Flame, to bring order out of chaos, like the phoenix rising from the ashes.

He presides over Ministration, Service and Duty. In this aspect he helps us with giving and receiving; we often find it much easier to give than to receive and this is usually an imbalance of self-worth and ego. We readily give to others, not judging whether they deserve to receive our time, gifts, healing, or help. Yet if we judge ourselves not worthy to receive their compliments, or gifts, this creates an imbalance in our energy, structure, and stability.

“Look deep inside yourself. Where is your ego held? In high esteem, or hidden even from your own view? It is a necessary part of your survival instinct, value it as that. Hold it in balance with your divine self, so that you can accept and love yourself as you accept and love others.”

Aurora is the light of the new dawn, with compassion for our difficulty in letting go of the past. She gives us clarity to face each new day. Together, they offer support and strength in the times when we are breaking down old ways and rebuilding our futures.

Archangel Uriel and Aurora’s Retreat is over the Tatra Mountains, south of Krakow, in Poland. Among the mountains a deep red/gold light shines from the flames of many torches held in burnished copper holders. They light the path to their Temple Retreat built into the cliff face. The Resurrection Flame burns with a pearlescent, creamy light deep within the Temple. 

Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst

Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst are on the seventh Ray, which is Violet. He is the Archangel who is most closely associated with The Violet Flame, and its properties of cleansing and purification. He helps us to release negative thoughts and behaviour patterns, and to be free of the limitations and restrictions that hold us back from achieving our full potential.

He said:

“To bring about changes effectively, it is best taken slowly. Do not rush and be impatient. Start with the thought…..then the vision…..then stage by stage, the action to make that vision a reality, reviewing and adjusting the process all the time. Be still at each stage, look at the effect of the smallest of adjustments, and ask yourself if this is sufficient at this time? Allow the energy to settle, there may be lessons to learn at each stage of the transformation.”

He and Holy Amethyst help us to integrate and balance all our past lessons, from this and other lifetimes, reminding us that we learn the most from the hardest ones. We must learn to forgive any others involved in such difficult situations, for they have merely provided us with the opportunity to learn. They urge us to forgive but not to forget, so that we retain what we have learned. Holy Amethyst helps us to understand any soul contacts so that we may find forgiveness a little easier.

Their Retreat, the Temple of Purification is in the etheric realms above Cuba. It is a complex of seven temples in the pattern of a flower: the central Temple is higher than the other six. Each has seven pillars supporting a plain golden dome, set with Amethyst crystals. The light of the Violet Flame reflects around the pillars. 

Raguel and Harmony

Raguel and Harmony are on the eighth Ray, which is Purple and Green. This brings into balance our highest aspirations and intentions, aligned with the heart centre. It relates to justice, what is right and fair, and helps to settle feuds and long-standing disputes.

This is Raguel’s jurisdiction. He oversees the resolution of such matters, whether personal, professional or legal. He is a great mediator, teaching respect for another’s point of view, without the arrogance of having to be right. However, if a situation has gone against Divine Order, or the Highest Good, then his judgement will be just and final. 

His Archeia Harmony helps rebalance low self-esteem and ‘people-pleasing’ where there is a need to be liked and valued. She presides mostly over relationships and assists all those who are abused or mistreated in any way. She said:

“If there is an imbalance in any relationship, whether between family members, partners or colleagues, I will help to restore the harmony. By finding the common ground between those who are in dispute, you have the place to rebuild a happier relationship.” 

Raguel keeps order among groups and world organisations, when there is a conflict of agendas. He can turn anger into a more constructive energy and help us to use it as an incentive to action, to create change. 

We can connect with Raguel and Harmony in the etheric regions above Iceland. Their Temple Retreat is built of solid carved wood set among wild flowers growing in lush green grass. If visited in deep snow, it indicates that matters are frozen for a while before they can be resolved.

Sandalphon and Cybele

Sandalphon and Cybele (pronounced Sigh–bee-lee) are on the Iridescent Blue/Green Ray, the predominant colours of peacock feathers, or of the Earth. 


Sandalphon’s name has been given many interpretations, such as: Great Earth Protector or Guardian of Earth’s secrets, or God’s Gardener.


His female aspect/Archeia is also known as Shekinah, or Patience, but the name she gave to me was Cybele, an alternative of “Gaia.” She was a Mother Earth goddess in ancient history, mistress of wild nature and fertility. 


Sandalphon is commonly known as Metatron’s twin, or brother. As Metatron is considered Archangel of the Universe, together they preside over Heaven and Earth! 


Sandalphon tends the natural growth on this planet; seeds, plants, crops, trees, and all creatures. He shows us the patterns of growth in our lives, so that we can make the most of opportunities and go with the flow, rather than fighting it. He has a deep, earthy, hearty laugh, and encourages us to laugh at ourselves when we trip up, make a mistake, or make a fool of ourselves.


He looked to me, extremely tall with a long forest green hooded cloak, embroidered and appliquéd with all the trees, plants and animals of the Earth. The lining was completely fluid, showing all the life in rivers, lakes and oceans. 


Sandalphon and Cybele consider the whole Earth as their Retreat. We can feel them in any field or forest, by a river, lake or the sea. Personally, I find them within a living Temple deep within a forest, like an ancient sacred site that Nature has reclaimed. The branches of the trees form a natural canopy roof.

Haniel and Purity

Haniel and Purity resonate on the Pearlescent Peach/White Ray of Beauty and Truth. He has typically very white skin and hair, indicating his origin on the planet of Venus, but he is often seen with a brightly coloured cloak of exotic bird feathers indicating his connection with the Aztec civilisation. 


His Archeia, Lady Purity represents the aspect of music, beauty and art.


Haniel and Purity help us to see the beauty in simple truth, and the truth in simple, unadorned beauty. This is best reflected in Nature, but we can adopt this concept into our lives too. We should never try to be anything other than our true selves.


Haniel inspires us to ‘Live in the NOW’, experience the present, without concern for the past or for the future. How often do we stop and really feel this moment in time, just to breathe and be, without letting thoughts, plans or worries intrude?


“When your perceptions are clouded or distorted it is hard to recognise the truth. I will help you find your own Truths, and then what will you do with them? Does it feel right to keep them to yourself, or do you take them to inspire others to find their own? If you have courage, stand up and say: ‘This is what works for me, this is what I believe’. Others will take it up, or not, that is their choice; but you can give them that choice.”


Archangel Haniel and Lady Purity have a Retreat over the mountains of Peru. There are steps up through the clouds that cling to the peaks, like a stairway with a golden handrail. Above the clouds the Temple appears carved from clear rock crystal, shining in the soft light of a sunset.

Jeremiel and Hosanna

Jeremiel and Hosanna are on the Silver Ray, of reflection and contemplation. Like looking in a mirror, he asks us to reflect on what we see, who we are, and what we represent. He is also known as Ramiel or Remiel.


He is usually seen in silver robes and with long white hair, whereas his feminine aspect Hosanna is like a dancing rainbow of light. ‘Hosanna’ is an exclamation of praise, a celebration of achievement. 


Jeremiel helps us to review our own lives when we return to Spirit, asking if we have fulfilled of our original plans, left any karmic issues unsettled, and what we have learned. We can then discuss the choice to reincarnate.


They help us to review and judge our own lives, while we are still living: 

“Take time out, reflect on what you have, or have not done. Look at your life, and particularly your mistakes, with humour and mercy, for they are the way of learning. What are you most proud of? Let us show you the opportunities before you and see what you may still choose to do. Hosanna comes to celebrate and applaud your achievements. She will help you find the greatest joy in all you do.” 


He also helps us with clairvoyance, visions and prophetic dreams, understanding and interpreting their messages.


Their retreat is in the blue of the ether, the atmosphere above the cloud line. Imagine rising up through clouds to where the sun shines on them – Temples and gardens of light form out of the silver bright clouds. 


Jeremiel is the silver lining in every cloud. Hosanna is the rainbows.

Metatron and Constance

Metatron and Constance resonate on the Fluorescent Orange/Pink Ray. This is perhaps the most energetic of all the Spiritual Colour Rays. Metatron is said to be the Archangel of The Universe, and the brother, or twin, of Sandalphon who is Archangel of the Earth.


He is a Warrior of The Light, fighting many battles throughout all the Universes. He is also the archetypal blacksmith destroying and creating at the same time. He will shatter illusions, unhelpful behaviour patterns and remove blockages from your way forward. You can expect dramatic events, changes, sudden flashes of inspiration and wisdom, when you connect with Metatron.


He is likened to a whirlwind, stirring things up, shaking things loose so that ultimate change will occur. His Archeia, Constance is like the eye of the storm. She is the stillness within. She reassures us that:

“All is as it is meant to be. If life is seemingly chaotic, and you feel as if you have lost your footing, remember to seek that stillness within you. Let me hold you a while in that peace, whilst chaos reigns. When life settles again we will look together at the potential we now have to create a new beginning.”


One domain of Metatron is known as The Void – a place of velvety blackness, an empty space, occupied by nothing else, not even light. It is here that all potential and possibilities exist, so creation of anything is possible.


To connect with Metatron and Constance, imagine being taken in a golden chariot out into the Universe amongst stars and planets, passing through dust clouds of intense colours and immense beauty, through to a place of velvety blackness in deep Space where you can feel the Quiet, and sense the potential of all things. 

Azrael and Mercy

Azrael and Mercy are on the Gold Ray of Light, although Black is the colour most associated with them. Azrael is sometimes referred to as the Angel of Death, or the Angel of Transition, and is Master of the Akashic Records.


There are many spellings of his name, from Ashrail to Ishmael. As Ishmael he is the Archangel of Ascension, presiding over all religions. He carries the Ascension Flame, which is incredibly bright, silvery white. 


He spoke of our Ascension:

“When it is time to have done with living any more physical lives, I will be there to lead you through your Ascension process. Bring no fear with you or that journey will not take place. Fear is the absolute opposite of Love. All other negative emotions trace back to fear.” 


Mercy is the energy of rebirth and resurrection. She assists him in his work with those souls who have lost their way, bringing mercy to their rehabilitation. Azrael stands no nonsense with awkward or belligerent spirits, taking any back to The Golden Planet, where they are taken for help, guidance and re-education.


Azrael and Mercy resonate with the Yin/Yang symbol, light in the dark and dark in the light, combined as the symbol of perfect harmony and balance. He said: 

“You will find us at the edge of night and day, at times of endings and beginnings. Experience for yourself the beauty of such contrast, for these are our realms, in a never-ending journey.”


Azrael and Mercy have a retreat in the Black Mountains bordering England and Wales; a mountain of black obsidian crystals, shining in the darkness and you wonder how they reflect the light, here in the darkness of night without sun or moon to illuminate them.

The Light is you.

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