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About me.....


Welcome to this bit about me, I hope it helps you get to know me and feel easier about contacting me.

I grew up in a happy spiritual family and remember seeing and hearing Spirit as a child. I also used to experience out-of-body journeys but thought these were perfectly normal. I was aware of Guides and the Angelic Realm as these were accepted and understood in my family. I followed an artistic and creative career which, with marriage and children, took precedence over my spiritual life.


At 36, bringing up two young children on my own, I became friendly with a Spiritual Medium. She taught me to meditate and encouraged me along my spiritual path, telling me that I had a gift for reading Tarot Cards, which I picked up very quickly under her teaching. At some point I remembered seeing and hearing Spirit as a child, and my experiences of travelling out-of-body. These memories came flooding back as I regained my connection with all of it. I began to have a greater understanding of the philosophy and beliefs, which I would regularly discuss with my father, a deeply spiritual man.

Four years later I lost my sister and moved to live back in Bournemouth to be nearer my parents. I was led to some great teachers here in the physical world, who helped me to learn and understand more of Life throughout Time and other dimensions. I learned how to release my energy and travel out-of-body at will, enabling me to journey and study with many Spirit Guides and Beings of other Realms through Time to past civilisations and other worlds.


My passion for the Violet Flame helped me to cope and adapt to life's challenges and I now really enjoy teaching and encouraging others on their own spiritual journeys. The Violet Flame was the inspiration behind 'Amethyst', a Healing and Teaching centre with a crystal and spiritual gifts shop in Bournemouth, which I opened and ran for three years. 


Now I am a Grandmother, without the responsibility of 'Amethyst'. I run groups and workshops passing on all I have learned, and continue to discover.


I am a Reiki Master/Teacher, Crystal Healer, and Shamballa Multidimensional Healer. I still read the Thoth Tarot cards, and offer Past-Lives Readings, which I see by travelling out-of-body following energy cords that link a client to another lifetime.


For many years I wrote a regular article in the ‘South West Connection’ – a free magazine that has sadly gone out of production. Many of those articles I offer on here for interest, and as an introduction to some of the workshops I run.

I now focus my time and energy on writing and teaching, inspiring others on their own journeys. I run workshops and courses on a variety of Spiritual subjects in Bournemouth but am happy to travel and teach elsewhere. 


My fascination has grown with the science of energy and the workings of the Universe. I see the meeting of Spirituality and Science like the unison of Heart and Mind, and I know that they are drawing ever closer!

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